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My favourite picture

I know i have this as my signature, but i wanted you to see a bigger picture as i love it!


  • It really is a lovely picture Simone.You should be very proud. I know I've said it before but she really is a pretty little thing. She will be breaking a few hearts when she is older!
  • Thanks Lucy, i don't know where she gets it from!lol

    Im going to be having nightmares when she is older!!!!
  • It will be worse for Tony.
    He will interrogate every boy that rings or has the nuts to knock on the door. As will Nigel. Katelin seems to be becoming a daddy's girl. Up until tonight she would only let me put her to bed but she let him tonight. He was really chuffed. Bless!
  • Tony has already said he is going to be bad!!

    Thats sweet that Katelin will let Daddy put her to bed, it takes a bit of pressure of you!
  • I love the photo Simone. Is that Jessica's own teddy it's huge?!!

    Like Lucyanne said, she is a very pretty little girl. I think we are all very lucky with our beautiful children.

    Zoe xx
  • That really is a gorgeous picture and you're quite right to show it (and Jessica) off! Where was it taken?
  • I had it taken in October at woolworths when the photographer was there, i have only just framed it as i didn't want the grandparents to see it as they were getting a different picture from the set for christmas.
    I cheated and managed to take a photo of the picture in the frame without getting a reflextion of the flash!
  • Ps I must say we all have gorgeous children xx
  • she's lovely,very cute.
  • wow, what a sweet photo, its gorgeous!! what a cutie.

    i feel sorry for those of us that have girls!! i have a feeling there are lots of protective daddies out there. hehe.

    kas xx
  • Thats a lovely Photo Simone.

    Totally gorgous! x
  • It's a fab photo, she's such a gorgeous girl!!!!
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