BFN Club

Had four BFNs this week so thinking it's not happening for us right now :cry: So just for fun and to help us look on the bright side what are we all doing just because we still can?!!

If there's still nothing by next week I'm gonna treat myself to a nice bottle of red wine :\) and no, I'm not sharing it!! Heheh! :lol:And if I get tipsy I might even pinch a cigarette off a friend - very naughty but if I'm not pregnant then it doesn't matter!!! :roll:

Do you guys reward yourselves as BFN consolation....?

H xx


  • AF arrived today - so i'm going to have a couple of well earned big fat glasses of wine tomorrow night ! lol ! Worked bloody hard enough the past month to earn one ! lol !

    Would love a ciggy too - but quit 7 weeks ago and am never going to smoke again.
  • I'm on CD8 now but when AF got me I opened the lovely bottle of wolf blass yellow label merlot that I had sitting in the wine rack! It was lovely, and then the following night I had a bottle of crabbies alcoholic ginger beer! I was quite lucky that AF came dead on time so I never had to see a BFN.
    It's the worst feeling in the world seeing that one lonely line come up. xx
  • Ive had a few glasses of wine to console myself last Sat too. Hadn't drank since NY eve so it was lovely to have a drink and felt naughty haha
  • well im now 22 days late from af and had 8 bfn's, so i think i may have just skipped ovulating last month. im gonna get a tad drunk tonight and enjoy myself.

    I just want af to come now, coz i dont think im preggers abut its frustrating that its not here yet, just want it to arrive so i can start from freshtrying again xx
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