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Could I be pregnant?

Hello, I'm new on here but been lurking for a while. Anyway, it's a bit of a longshot but hubby and I were planning on TTC in April. However, last week we went out, had a bit to drink and BD'd for the first time (ie without me being on pill) as much as I want a baby, I woke up aroun. 2.30am in a complete panic thinking what have I done!

I have an ovulation calendar app on my I phone and it shows we bd'd 3 days after OV and so it was not a green fertile day according to that. I'm quite regular and due on Mon. So I'm thinking surely I can't be but been having weird symptoms which might be the result of too much time on this website and paranoia :-S

I don't know how to feel, scared or excited. Hubby is excited but I'm just worried that I am not ready although at 29 I should be. Guess I might test on Tues and see what happens...


  • 3 days after ovulation should mean you are not pregnant, but how do you know that's when you definitely ovulated?

    also, baby making isnt an exact science and you'd be really lucky to start ttc in april and fall in April, so dont expect too much. why would February be so bad? what difference does April make?
  • Hey, thanks for reply. I assumed that I ov'd on 7 feb since that's 14 days since first day of last period, not really an exact science?!? Feb would be fine but Ibhave a bit of money on a credit card which I wanted to pay off before getting pg. And because it might not happen in April right away maybe if it happens now it would be a blessing. I believe in fate, what will be will be but I'm not very good with uncertainty. I guess I'll have to get used to that though the whole baby making process is full of uncertainties!
  • hi love, i BD for the first time on valentines day, and similar to u woke up in the middle of the night freaking out.... it scared me so much. But if it was true i would be thrilled image

    When are you due ur AF? xx
  • Due on Monday, so not too long to wait really. That's freaky that you woke up in the middle of the night too! It was very strange the next day, I just felt different and felt like I was keeping a secret from work people. I've 'given alcohol up for lent' apparently, so good timing I guess! Fingers crossed for both of us!
  • I am g/c from TTC...

    Hi Hun,

    It depends on your cycle to when you ovulate. 14 days after your period is what is seen as an example of a 'normal' cycle-ie. 28 days. Are your cycles normally 28 days? You can ovulate at any time in your cycle though. For example-for me, I unexpectedly ovulated on day 8 last month-so super early. The time after my ovulation to when I get my period is normally 15 days for me, again that is different for everyone. So, I would say that if you knew for sure that you ovulated on the 7th Feb then 3 days after ovulation would have been a 'safe' time as fertility decreases after 1 day after ovulation. However, because you don't know for sure- you might have just caught it. Also, I think it;s totally normal to feel scared once you've taken the plunge so to speak! It's a big step. Put it this way, although it might not be exactly how you planned it- if you are pg I am sure you will see it as 'meant to be'.

    Good Luck hun xxx
  • I think the general answer is that yes, you could be pregnant but unfortunately you'll have to wait to find out (always the most frustrating bit). I had symptoms really early and even DH knew I was pregnant before I took the test as he said I looked different, but different people react in different ways.

    Don't worry about not being ready - you have 9 months to get used to it!! Also, as wonderful as it would be to fall the first time, it's not an exact science and we took 2 years to conceive.

    Good luck, I hope you get the outcome you want x
  • debts are an issue. if we waited until hubby had paid off all his debts i still wouldnt be ttc, rather than being due in 4 weeks, but we'll manage.

    if you are not pg, then get some ov tests so you can know more accurately for ttc (makes it a bit easier). me and hubby only use NFP methods since getting married and only got pregnant when we intended too, just by avoidiung ovulation.
  • I'm the same as daisymoocow . Got pregant the first time bd'd without protection - didn't have a clue as to my ovulation dates etc - came back from honeymoon and we had a BFP - so it is possible!
  • Oh my goodness everyone, thanks for your replies. I felt a bit teary (perhaps a symptom ?!?) reading Daisymoocow and Justmarried1980's response. Maybe the feelings I am having are normal after all!

    If this is not going to be a BFP, I'll probably get myself some OV sticks for next time. I was going to get some today but thought sod it I will get a FR pregnancy test instead. It says it will give you an answer 5 days before your period is due. I have a regular-ish cycle and am due on Monday so in theory the test should work.

    I have had babies constantly on my mind since September last year (we got married in June 09) but was able to put off thinking about TTC because we had a few 'last trips' to do e.g. New York, Vegas and our first skiing trip (hence the debt on the credit card). We have another big trip planned for April to Hong Kong and Borneo and I'll worry about the flying/ malaria etc later if I need to. So I would be very happy if this is a BFP.

    I think I might test tomorrow morning, but the better side of me says wait till Monday/ Tuesday. OMG the suspense is killing me....
  • I came off the pill in July, we planned to use condoms until the end of the year to give my cycles a chance to come back to normal before starting ttc. I was on holiday with mymum midcycle in July so no bding then. In august all intentions of using contraception midcycle went out the window on OHs birthday....EDD by scan exactly 38weeks from then!
    Around the day or two AF was due, had major choc cravings so didnt even think about the chances, then felt nauseaous all the Friday at work and one of my colleagues asked if i was pg, still no AF that evening so tested the Sat morning. We were shocked for the first couple weeks, didnt expect anything to happen that quickly, but of course over the moon too, can't wait til bubba's here now.
    Good luck x
  • Well still no definite answer yet. I did a test yesterday am which was negative, hubby and I were quite disappointed although we knew it was a bit of a longshot. But I have still been feeling different and so have not given up hope yet. I can't say I have ever paid much attention previously but earlier this eve I did have some pinkish CM and one tiny clot ( sorry far too much info) I've had nothing since. I am sure this is different to what I have had before AF which is due tomorrow but it could also be my imagination going wild. Also I can't seem to get enough of spicy food at the moment and I almost choked on some champagne earlier ( had one sip) because it didn't taste right.

    I guess I will know either way tomorrow/ Tues which I think will be a relief for hubby so he doesn't have to hear about all of my 'symptoms' anymore and we'll be able to have conversations about other things again!

  • when ttcing our brains do crazy things. we notice things we probably have not paid any attention to since being 15!
  • You probably already are, but just in case not - don't forget to take your folic acid supplements. Doesn't have to be the super fancy ones with lots of other stuff, just simple folic acid. If you aren't using protection, you should be taking it, whether or not you get yor BFP. image
  • Good advice re the folic acid. I had regularly been taking a multivit and the day after we did the deed I got some pregnacare but took that for one day only when I realised that I probably wasn't pg due to dates. Switched back to multi vit, but have switched back again to Pregnacare now because apparently multi vits have vit A in them which isn't good. So I am now taking the right dose, I hope it isn't too late. Hubby has been on the zinc since Xmas don't know whether that will have made a difference to anything.

    And yes, I am probably noticing things for the first time since I was 15. Although my boobies didn't look like they do now back then!

    No more bleeding since last night, and only pinkish stuff this morning and now nothing. I hope no-one at work has noticed my frequent toilet visits! I wonder whether all my thinking/ stressing/ wishing/ wondering about this is physically stopping AF coming, I hope not.

    Hubby has texted me to tell me to go to the doctor, that's his answer for everything, bless!


  • the doctors wont do anything until you are at least a week late.

    the sensible part of me, for who ttcing feels like a distant memory (now 36+6 yeah!) wouild say wait at keast a week so you are not spending a fortune on hpt or trying to work out if the line is a line or an evap!!!

    the part of me that remembers vey clearly the obsession and addiction to poas says, spend another tenner and pee fmu! i found tesco to be the best, even clearer than FR, alough testig early, at 11dpo, they both didnt give me a line until 2 mins after the time limit (but i am definitly pregnant lol).
  • I haven't been on this forum for a few days, unfortunately AF got me. I'll be joining the girls in TTC shortly, so hopefully we'll have a bean later on in the year. Bye for now x
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