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is it af?? help!

wel........ had implant out a week ago now n THOUGHT id 'come on' yest.. i was pretty chuft cz i thouht id b waitin along time for first af,, anyway.... im not sure if it is?? been like spotting??? ive had bad cramps all week and nothing now!!?? anyone else experienced this??
reeeaaalllyyy confused!!! if it isnt af, wat is it?? xx


  • Hello Marie. It could be your body trying to adjust being without the implant. Wait a week and do a HPT. Good Luck x
  • I've never had an implant so I'm really not sure but maybe it's just your cycle getting back to normal? Did they say anything when they removed it? I'm sure it's fine and someone will be able to advise you better x
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