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Any disabled mums?

hi everyone i've just found out i'm pregnant and have cerebral palsy, which means i'm in a wheelchair. I know this section is for children with special needs but i was wondering if there was anyone like me about?

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  • hi there, congratulations on your pregnancy hope it all goes well.

    I've got a muscle condition (not yet specifically diagnosed although its likely to be a congenital myopathy or myasthenia still undergoing tests) it causes weakened muscles and fatigue amongst other things. Didn't really know I had it although now it's been highlighted its really obvious to me and my family, I do lots of things differently although I do lead a normal life, I seem to have just developed my own ways of doing things which make things easier, I think I've always just been looked on as a bit quirky hehe

    anyway I pretty much found out the day my baby was born as he had all the same problems as me when I was born so the penny dropped immediatly for me and my mum that it was some sort of genetic condition, the Paed took a bit of convincing mind.

    It's hard work being a mum but we have lots of support and probably a bit more out there just not been brave enough to seek it out yet, maybe if we have another I'll have to bite the bullett and see what social services have to offer we'll see.

    so that's loads about me (I get stick for how much I talk sorry haha) so more about you when's your due date?
  • hi, i've replied to your other post but chriss, you sound pretty similar to me. ive got ME and fibro but am being tested for other things like EDS
    there is lots of help you can get from SS or your local childrens centre.
    drop me an email if you want x
  • Thanks sleepybeccie I've e-mailed you, I think we live in the same area too
  • I'm glad to find this thread! I can't see a forum on here for disabled mums?
    I have CFS and bipolar. I sometimes worry about how pregnancy will affect me, and then the obvious change of lifestyle and energy needs with a little one!
    It's nice to hear that it is possible, and that there is help and support.
    Is it all as difficult as I expect? Or is it one of those things you adapt to? It's the CFS that worries me most, not just the faitgue, but the weakness and constant feeling rough.
  • eema, i have ME (aswell as ohter health probs) and a 10 month old and its doable. you'll find ways of adapting as you go along. for instance, i got rid of my infact carrier and put my daughter into a britax first class car seat at 8 weeks old (they can be used from birth) as i couldnt carry the carrier anymore. i also have a fantastic lightweight pram (britax vigour) and my mei tai slings have been invaluable as i cant carry my daughter for more than 5 mins due to my arms but with the sling i can carrier her around for an hour or so (its also how i get her to nap during the day)

    also you can get help from social services to employ someone to come in and help if you need that level of care (i;m looking into this now)

    also do you have a good partner and supportive famlily near you that can help you out on bad days? its funny cause you'll learn how to get through bad days much easier than you did before you had a baby.

    if there is anything else just send me an emaill

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