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Hey SD,

Havent been on a couple of days and just wanted to see whether you had any news/changes or a BFP?
Im still hanging on.



  • Hi MPP I updated on my what the feck is going on thread but forgot to put update on there lol.

    Well turns out the doc did test a 2nd time around for pregnancy and not hormones or infection and it was negative 2nd time around.

    They never said the doctor wanted to see me or anything so I dont know I have just decided now to get on with our lives and if I dont get my next period then I will be going back to the docs.

    My stomach is still bloated but not half as much as it was and we have just had a lovely weekend in London so there was nothing baby topic related on the agenda hun just had some time out.

    Hows things with you? have you had a date for a scan through?

  • Im glad you had a good time, I think thats what i need, SS to hear it wasnt a BFP, Its just a worry that there is no AF.
    Im not too bad really, symptoms still seem obvious to me but might just be me thinking about it too much, Ive just done a new post so made most of an update there.
    I think im going to be in the same situation, ive just got to stop thinking i am pregnant, Once i have this scan, thats it i guess, I guess its my D day, Im still at my parents, Im not home till thursday to see my letter but hubby gets home from blackpool tomorrow, ill get him to open it and he can give me details so i can make an appointment.

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