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Due to start next round in 4 weeks yep pee

Hi All

Just thought i would let you no we are due to start down regs in 4 weeks so excited yet very scared after all we have been through over the last 7 months but pma up up and away is any one else starting soon?


  • Hi
    I am visiting the clinic tommorow to start the ball rolling for fertility treatment once again, I was lucky to get pg last time from IVF with ICSI so hoping I will again but not getting too hopeful, just taking each day as it comes. It will be a while before I start down regs as have to have all the checks first and if I egg share like last time have to be checked for loads of different things first! Good luck with your treatment and keep me posted what is happening.
    Rhian x
  • Yup!!! I'm starting hopefully in the next few months (but only FET with our frozen embie). All the best with your treatments, fingers crossed for lots of sticky BFPs this round. xxxx
  • Keep persevering ladies - it will work. Took me 2 years and 4 attempts but am now 18 weeks pregnant with twins and the last 2 years are a distant memory.

    good luck.

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