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Impossibe...surely??? (also in Dec 09)

Dylan is now 8 and a bit weeks and for the past few days he's been dribbling A LOT, rosy cheeks, grumpy, chewing his fingers
Someone mentioned he may be teething!!!!
Surely not???

I wasn't expecting that to happen for another few months!!

Lisa xx :\?


  • pippa started teething at 8 weeks, hv wouldn't believe me till she saw the teeth under her gums, but they didn't actually come through till she was 10 months old!!!
    It is possible just doesn't mean your lo will get teeth anytime soon
  • Matthew was exactly the same at that age, but he didn't get any teeth until he was 5 months old.
    He was always chewing his fingers, and had bright red cheeks, and I was expecting him to get teeth a lot sooner than he did.

    A friend of mine gave us some dribble bibs, which, while they looked awful, did the trick and kept his clothes dry.

    Good luck with it - hopefully it won't last too long.
  • thanks ladies x
  • Hon
    Oliver is now 10.5 weeks and I swear he is teething. HE was a right ratbag this morning, off his milk, dribbling for the last few days and keeps sticking his fingers in his mouth. I went to a playgroup and everyone sa\id he was teething, have checked his mouth and I can see a really white spot on his gum and the mums said it's a tooth I can see. I can't believe it. Have brought a teething ring but not sure he will take it at this age now and i'm going to ask HV when I see her next week. I honestly had no idea it could happen so soon. Apparently though it doesn't mean the teeth will arrive any quicker, just means we have more time of the ratbags! xxx
  • Olivia started between 4-6 weeks, she is 4 months now and the teething is very strong. HV confirmed as well but she warned us that it could still be months before they cut. I can feel the bumps in her gums (think she is cross teething) but my mum checked and she said she thinks its still a while off.
  • Wow Rosapenny, poor little Olivia (and poor mummy!) They seem so young to deal with the pain, bless them.xx
  • yes - definitely possible!!!
  • Yep, Grace started teething and had two bottom teeth by 4 and a half months.

    Teething gels help - personally I'd recommend Anbesol (thanks to SweetasSugar) or Dentinox.

    Em x
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