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  • OMG, poor woman. In the 23 weeks that I breastfed I only did it in public 4 times as I was so nervous about it. If someone had acted like that with me I would have been so devastated.

    Glad to read 'This discrimination against breastfeeding mothers will be unlawful under the new Equality Bill currently going through Parliament'
  • Omg, did you read the comments underneath??? Some of them are so offensive - there are some horrible people out there!

    I had to stop reading I was getting so incensed! I'm just glad I never let narrow- minded people stop me bf'ing my baby in public. In fact it makes me wish I'd done it more lol!

    I thought it was already illegal to stop a bf'ing mother in public.


    ps. If it had happened to me I would have said, ok, call the police!

  • Wow there are some ridiculame comments on that, comparing it to defecation, how bloody pathetic!

  • I responded in Baby! So bloody annoyed!
    I would have forced him to call police too! No way would I have got off the bus.

  • i'm outraged at the article, but more so at the comments left.... can't express how shocked i am at peoples way of thinking. i knew we lived in quite an anti-bf society, or rather i knew we were prudish, but i didn't know quite how much so until reading these comments. people are actually likening it to defecating.... i mean.. what?? sick people. i've had to sign up myself and have posted a few comments... couldnt help myself!
  • i feel so sorry for that poor mother she must of been so humiliated. I hope the bus driver has been severly spoken to about this. At the end of the day what do people think women have breasts for? Brreast milk is for baby humans thats why we produce it.
  • Totally sick....that bus driver should be sacked imo, he's probably put that woman off bf in public forever. If you don't like someone bf in public then it's rather simple really, DON'T LOOK :x And as for saying its the same as having sex in public....Errrmm...If I'm totally honest I think people get a lot LESS hassle for that!!! image xx
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