Early symptoms

Hi everyone, I'm in the middle of the dreaded 2ww and it's awful!! Been symptom spotting like mad. This is cd22.

So far I have a really strong metallic taste in my mouth, have had it for a couple of days now. I've had quite a few vivid (and one very disturbing!) dreams and I remember having these when I was pregnant before. I have also developed a weird kind of pain right on my pubic bone, as if someone is trying to squash it! Don't know if this can be a symptom of pregnancy or not has anyone else had this?? It feels really strange to me and would be really interested if anyone else has experienced this.

Roll on testing day, gonna hold off until 5th March if I can.

Anyone else got any symptoms?



  • The pain in my pubic bone is geting worse, it's the weirdest feeling! I wouldn't even say it's a pain, more like a deep discomfort. Please, has anyone ever felt anything like this or heard of anyone else that has? I'm not worrying (YET) but it would be reassuring if anyone could tell me they've felt the same thing.

  • hi. i'm right with you there. i,m d23 and i've got sore boobs and pee like a leaking tap. on the first time i hand low down pains at the start and the doc said it was par for the course as all the hormones are high. i hate waiting i think i may test on the first if i can hag on that long. hope it goes well
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