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FOA frillypink

hey love, saw u tested this morning early and got bfn. I did that last night, dumbass i am image

we gotta wait now till i should test again, god i feel dumb!
Why do we do it?


  • I am fed up with the flu but i cant stop sympton spotting,

    TMI here too, my boobies are HUGE, i mean huge... bigger than with AF... plus the veins are more prominant.
    My tummy is swollen and i have constipation (lush). I cry all the time.

    If i am not pregnant, i will kill someone. I mean I will be that annoyed.

    I have such irregular cycles that i guess i am due on saturday/sunday... but sometimes i can go cycle 35... sometimes 28. I dunnnno.
  • lol my mood swings from crying to thinking everything is bloody marvellous, we're all doomed!

    I heard about the gum bleeding thing, dont have that.

    Boobies are rubbish... they just hurt and get in my way!! Haha. men love em, god knows why.
    Poor hubby just rang me and was like 'you ok' and i just sneezed down the phone to him lol, poor man.

    What does ur hubby do? (if u dont wanna say dont worry... just being nosey)
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