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who called it morning sickness!!!!

hi everyone. i am 6+2 today and since i was 3weeks i have had constant nausea but 4 days ago i started throwing up everyday bit it happens at night after dinner.!!!!!

Just wandered if anyone else experience their sickness at night??


  • I'm not actually sick I just have horrid nausea and dry retching. mine comes any time of day. I do find at night if I get tired I should just go to bed, as if I don't go when I get tired then the nausea comes on really badly. once I lie still in bed I tend to feel a bit better, and manage to get to sleep.
  • yep i have it all night longmost nights image
  • hi, its just dreadful. i actually feel quite good while eating my dinner then within and hour im throwing it back up and like you mykidsmylife i am nauseas most of the night. i hoe it passes for us soon.xxxx
  • I had it ALL day and night...horrible isn't it?!!!!
  • Aww sweetheart, (gatecrashing here but hey!) You'll have to make sure you have a lovely lunch instead! Hope you're doing well apart from the sickness!? xxx
  • hi huni, so good to hear from you. yeah lunch is a good im good other than that. hope you are good.xxxx
  • Hi hun, i suffered reall badl with morning/all day sickness with m ds. The best advice i can give you is to eat some ginger biscuits or dry toast as soon as you get up and it will hopefully stop you feeling so ill, it worked for me x
  • thanks hun, ive started doing that in the morning and it seems to be helping, its just the throwing up after im sure it will pass soon.xxxxx
  • I used to feel rough at nights (without being sick though) and tried to eat better at lunchtime. I hope things get better for you angel x x
  • sorry you're feeling so rubbish hun xxxx hope it gets better soon! x
  • thanks girls. havent been sick tonight but then again only ate a very small amount of dinner.

    minieggs think thats what im going to start doing. lunchtime seems to be a good time.xxxx
  • Good plan. I still eat my main meal at lunchtimes but that's due to heartburn now!! x x
  • oooh im not looking to that, had the worst heartburn in my last pregnancy, think i drank my weight in milk.lolxxxx
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