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Anyone had their symptoms just stop?


I'm about 9 weeks pregnant, and during weeks 5 to 8 have had day-long nausea, sore breasts, sensitivity to smells, and pains around both hips (midwife said this was normal). However in the last week everything seems to have almost completely gone - isn't this a bit early? I wondered if anyone else has had similar, or whether I should be going to the docs?

Hope you can help! xxx

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  • Hi Kath,
    I was exactly the same.....constant nausea and sore breasts between weeks 5-8 (possibly into week 9) and then everything completely stopped. I would occasionally get the odd twinge of sickness or headaches etc but mostly just stopped. Apparantely it is normal for symptoms to come and go so I wouldnt worry about it too much, just count yourself lucky that they have cleaard up for a bit! Lol!
    Becka 16+1
  • Thank you - feel much better for that! Hopefuly it's nothing bad then!

  • I had nausea constantly from about 6 weeks to 9 weeks and then it just lifted pretty much overnight. I'm now 25 weeks exactly and baby is very active and all was fine at my 20 week scan, so I don't think you need worry.
  • i never had any symptoms to begin with and i'm 21+4!!!
  • hi yes the same happened to me my doc said some people only suffer to start with xx
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