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My 1st baby is due in July and i really need to start putting a list together of things to buy

Can you ladies please give me suggestions of what i should be buying/ what were your best buys
any suggestions would be a great help



  • Hipp do a good list that doesn't seem too mad - - you may need to join the baby club to see it tho...
  • Im 16 wks and have already stocked up on things like:
    baby lotion, baby bath etc
    wet wipes
    cotton wool
    bottle bag
    Nappy sacks
    baby sponges
    These kind of things you can never have too much of and need it all-

    Im going to think about clothes nxt- I wont be finding out what sex baby is so will be looking for a couple of unisex outfits and will buy some white baby grows and vests.... Im not going to go mad cuz I made that mistake with my first- I brought soo many white outfits but she wore hardly any of it- as I went and brought all girly coloured things as soon as she was born....
    Also I have a deposit on pram on mothercare baby plan....
    Not doing too bad really! lol
    Already have a crib & cot- but need to get new mattress's for both...oh and sheets!!
    But the list goes on and on of things I still need to get...... lol
    Sorry I have rambled on a bit..... prob no help what so ever!! x
  • hey
    There's a good thread thats been on here that I saved and have been looking at which might help
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