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Feeling a bit meh.....

Afternoon ladies,hope your all well?

just a little moan from me coz im feeling a bit fed up and have nobody to talk too

Just this month is crap already and i dont see it picking up,ive had to cancel things because march is such a busy month for us and ive got loads of extra things to do,its my hubbys birthday tomorrow and ive not see a lot of him all weekend,nor do i see him much through the week,just when i get in from work at 8.30 until we go to bed,my son hasnt been well and ive been stuckin in the house with it being paddy central but understandable i no him not being well,friday i wanted half an hours peace in a hot bath to have a little me time and i got none,and all my hubby done was shout the wee men from the bottom of the stairs which he ignored so i was well pissed with that

i was working sat morning and had been up since 4.15 didnt get in until 2,fair enough my hubby had cleaned but for some reason he went in a huff and i spent the next few hours walking on egg shells and at night sat different ends of the couch watching CSI,which isnt like us at all,were usually really close

Hes away still today to a friends house to watch footie,2 games and wanted me to go,not my idea of fun at all,i dont mind footie but no thanks,so he took the wee man,who had a paddy there so they both came home,i was just getting into marley & me too,so i just said you go back,didnt hesetate much and his so called heart felt oh well i dont want to leave if hes like that as he was crying didnt really wash....

Now i dont no when he will be home no sunday dinner for us as 1 hes not here and 2 coz hes drinking and doesnt eat after as he usually gets sick if he does,every suggestion i make about his birthday gets shot down,things like a pub lunch and hes says dont see the point in going to the town just for that

Ive not been out the house in over 2 weeks i think apart from work because of the wee man not being ill and the weather,i just feel lke crying,i feel really down today prob because AF is due yet again i dont no

sorry for the big moan ladies im going to stop now before i make myself more upset


  • Awww Grudes, i hate to see you upset & feeling so sh!tty if anyone deserves to be happy it's you image(((( its good to have a good old moan every now & then.

    When he gets home give him a big old hug & tell him you feel like sh!t & I bet he'll give you a big old hug back. You need lots of cuddles & spoiling by the sounds of it.

    Hope your lil man is back to himself soon babes.


  • Huge hugs honey xxxx

    Will you be able to get some 'me' time when Lennon goes to bed tonight? Maybe go for a long soak? Then get your jammies on and watch the rest of your film with a nice glass of wine - or go to bed with a good book :\)

    I agree with Katyjo, tell S how you have been feeling. Although, if he has been drinking today then tonight might not be the best time.

    Hope you feel better soon hun xxx

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