teething or reaction to jabs?

hello ladies

jacob had his jabs on monday and since he has had really red cheeks and has been really really grumpy, i expected him to be grumpy the day after but not still, could he be teething this early or could it be related to the jabs?

becca and jaocb
8 weeks, 6 days


  • prob jabs hon. ava was a grotbag for a full week after one set of hers! bless her. has he got a temp?
  • no just really flushed cheeks
  • it may be worth trying some calpol? I know when i had my flu jab recently it made me feel headachy and generally rubbish so he may just be feeling a bit off afterr his jab? if you try a half dose (is he old enough?) it should help wether it is jabs or teething?
  • i gave him some after the jabs and yesterday x
  • hope hes feeling better soon x
  • I have had the same problem. Abigail had her first lot of jabs on Monday, but she has been off it for a week now and doing lots of dribbling and chewing her hand. Just given her some Gripe water today to find she has 2 white bumps in her lower gums, Can they start teething this early, she is only 8 weeks and 4 days.

  • hes a bit less grumpy today but still has red cheeks and has strarted to knaw on his hands?
    number1 i will have to take a peak and see if i can see anything!
  • The bumps are at the front on her gums in the middle if this helps
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