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Hi Ladies

Our house is very cold (almost 100 years old), Tylers room is always above 16 degrees but I think he might be getting cold. He has on a vert, pyjamas and a mothercare swaddle robe (which is ace), do you think its ok to wrap a blanket around him aswell as the swaddle robe ?
He's in his cot bed at the top of the bed as we elevate the top of the mattress for him (reflux), just abit concerned that he will manouvre himself under the blanket.


Sarah+Tyler(13 weeks)


  • when dd was in her swaddle blanket we always had at least one more blanket on top too.
    her room was 16-18 degrees
  • My lo is in a grobag and whilst the nights are cold she has a balnket too. She's nearly 1 and tends to throw it off herself if gets too warm or moving around a lot
  • We have a blanket over a grow bag too, I just tuck it in tightly at the edges to prevent him wriggling under.

    His room is around same temp as Tylers especially in middle of night and he likes to be warm as its main thing he will wake for (well only thing bar his belly even dirty nappies dont wake him :lolimage

  • I would have a blanket as well. Oskar is a toast baby - our room is about 19/20 degrees and yet he won't sleep and shivers if he doesn't have his 2.5tog grobag, swaddled in a blanket and then another blankert over the top so effectively 3 layers!!If he gets cold his blood sugar levels drop like a stone and he is ill so I am not too worried about him insisting on being so toasty warm.
    I hate tp think what he will be like when he goes into his own room where it is cooler1
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