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have u all had scans?

hi all was told i had PCOS a about 17yrs of age, i basically didnt have regular cycles (however i never exactly dated them so not sure how erregular they were) i also had alot of excessive hair, but am quite dark so that could be why...i had blood tests and they showed high levels of the male hormone... (cant quite remember now...) and i went to hosp and talked with a consultant he said if either go on metforum if i were ttc or dianete if i wasnt (i wasnt ttc at time) so went on dianete. Now at the time of having all these tests i was drinking quite alot, as i was young and going out loads....So basically im wondering if i can definatly have PCOS if ive never had an ovary scan?? when i came off dianete at 21 i fell preg almost straight away...i now have a 9month old image we will soon to be ttc again, and im thinner that last time i fell preg and are hoping that'll up our chances, also my periods seem to be a 30day im wondering weather i actually even have pcos at all? or perhaps im lucky that so far iv not been effected too badly? sorry to go on just a bit oonfused and wondered what all of ur symptons are or how u were of luck to all thats ttc xxxxxxxx


  • When i was diagnosed i would told the blood test was the test that indicated the levels of male hormone i had which determind that i had PCOS the scan shows you how many cyst's you have on your ovaries as you can have cysts without having pcos thats pco without the syndrome.
    With PCOS they do say your at a very fertile time straight after coming off the pill as i guess the pill has regulated your cycle. I have also heard that after getting pregnant and having a child PCOS at least the period, other symptoms part of it disapears.
    I think your best bet is to go back to the docs and get these tests done again and go from there hun.
    Good luck with it all xxxx
  • Hi lily-kick,

    My gp suspected pcos just off my hormone levels from my blood tests. My consultant then confirmed it with a hysocy (scan of my ovaries). They only like to give a confirmed iagnosis with both lots of information, however, from what I've read I think that guideline is fairly new and I think in the past they may have just diagnosed from bloods which may have been the case with you. I do remember hearing once that having a child can 'cure' pcos but I'm not sure whether that just means yor hormones balance out during the pregnancy.

    Your cycles are regular which is a good sign, however it is possible to have af without ovulating- which can be pcos. I don't have any periods myself and it seems to vary from woman to woman, as do the symptoms. I also have a normal bmi and only slight excessive hair, if any.

    Dianette helps to balance out hormones when your not ttc so that may of helped. Metaformin is a drug they use to help blood sugar levels as there's seems to be a connection between pcos and diabetes in women who are overweight.

    If you are thinking of ttc again my advice would be to go to the doctors at the first opportunity as the hospital waiting lists and tests can be a waiting game. You could ask to be sent for a blood test so they can see if there are any concerns and then go from there. Good luck xxx
  • i've had all my bloods done - not ov'ing, high testosterone etc, had my scan the other day and they found right right ovary with cysts and left overy enlarged, so going to be referred for treatment in the next week, as we've been trying 2 years now xxx
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  • i know im oving as i got 2 pos opks last im assuming this is a good sign, and maybe i should just see how it goes before going to the doc?? the med u get when ttc is that to help u ovulate?? i did have a quick scan on my ovary when i was preg as the thought i may of been having eptopic but the chap said it looked fine... although it was very brief in and out...? xxx
  • Hey lilly_kick

    Sorry to be so negitive but I got positive OPK's every month, then when I was diagnosed last wk with PCOS the Dr said I'd be lucky to ovulate 6 months out of the year...

    I had an ultrasound about 3 months ago and they said everything was fine then when I had my bloods done they found I had PCOS.

    Gee I sound so negitive sorry
    Good luck xx
  • hey thats ok rather be told the truth, so was the pos opk then not right? did that mean werent oving? its all so confusing... miss88 what are u doing now to help u see when ov is..? or are u just having regular sex and hoping for the best? hope u get bfp soon xxx
  • Hi a scan showed I had PCOS.....we fell month 7 and LO is now 5 months. I had another scan and apparently the cysts have shrunk to normal range again but will start to come back.....(apparently pregnancy can really help PCOS...what a catch 22!!!) - so we will start for no2 sooner rather than later x
  • thanks akaLady K think we'll get to it asap, sounds like i shouldnt bother with the OPKs iif they can give misleading results image had no idea about that xxx
  • Hey Lilly_kick,

    Well at the moment Ive got one more test on friday then hopefully starting Clomid next cycle.

    The Dr explained that my body is giving out the hormones that its ovulating but I'm not releasing an egg. It sucks big time believe me, so the only way we're going to fine out if I'm ovulating is to have bloods done around CD14 to CD20.

    At the moment (because hubby works away) we're just having sex when we feel like it no pressure. If I fall pregnant thats great if I don't there's always the option of clomid.

    When I first found out I was so upset cried for a couple of days, but honestly crying doesnt fix it. So I picked myself up and changed my eating habit (which helps with ovulating when you have PCOS) and started exercise.

    The Dr is very positive that the Clomid will work and Fast because were young.

    Keep positive hun it will work out, maybe not as fast as you want it to but it wilol happen.

    Karina xx
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