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Feeling different down there...help!

Hi girls, i had my ds 17 days ago. He was a big baby (9lb1oz) and i managed a natural delivery with gas and air. I had a second degree tear to my perineum which mw said has healed ok. I've been bleeding ever since, which I believe is normal, but recently i've been feeling weird down below. For example, sometimes midway thru weeing i get this really heavy feeling in my vagina. I sometimes feel that there's something trying to get out. I've google'd this and frightened myself silly reading about prolapses etc. How long does it take to feel back to normal and do you think because i had a big baby it could have caused some internal damage?? I don't leak urine or anything, just have this weird feeling. I hope someone can help xx


  • I had my LO about 7 months ago and she was slightly lighter than your LO by 0.5 oz. I had to be cut so had stitches. I used to feel the same thing. Once they stopped being painful it was as you describe, as tho there is something pressing down. I used to get it while out and about just walking with the buggy. I just assumed it was something to do with a weak pelvic floor so everytime I feel it I try and remember to do pelvic floor exercises. I am useless at remembering otherwise. If you are worried then get it checked out but no sign of any prolapse with me yet 7 months on. To be honest, I used to worry about it too, but just never got it seen to so am just assuming it is normal :0S x
  • I had this after ds1 and have still got it now . it is quite common and if it is mild pelvic exercises will improve it (says physio) mine is a type of prolapse (x2) that is too bad for physio. the dr says if it hasnt gone after 9 months to go back as prolapses after birth go away by 9 months according to specialist - my advice that i hot from consultant is pelvic floor exercises and lots of them - building in quantity of course
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