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Maxi Cosi car seat

Hi ladies

G/C from Due in April

I just wanted to know who has a Maxi Cosi car seat and whether you have one of the bases that stays in the car (either the Easy base or the Iso-Fix if you have a car with it)? If you do, how much easier is it? I can't make my mind up whether to get one or not. They aren't the cheapest thing around, but if it makes things much easier I don't mind paying.

H x



  • Hi Hayley,

    We have one with the Easyfix base; we bought the base as we were finding it a bit awkward without and also as I had a c-section in the end, it just made my life easier.

    We bought a second base for hubby's car from a posting on netmums for ??35.

    Maxi Cosi have bought out the new family fix base now, which may be worth considering. Although it is more expensive, it is designed to fit the the infant and also new Pearl next stage car seat.


    Em x
  • I have one, it does make things easier but to be honest they are quite easy to fit with the strap anyway. I'd suggest you go to a shop and try it both ways, then you'll have first hand experience.

    When I saw how easy it was to fix with the strap I wished I hadn't bought the base but now 11 weks on, I'm pleased I have because the base makes it even easier.

    Not sure if this helps xx

  • i can let you know later cause we are picking ours up today and i know my husband will have to take it in and out of the car 50 times today! x
  • I did get the isofix one as I thought the security of getting it right every time easily would be helpful - especially if I wasn't that with it due to lack of sleep. If I was buying now I'd go for the family fix as it would take the next stage as well.

    I don't think I ever used the standard seatbelt to fit it - even though we were switching between cars, the isofix made things very quick to keep swapping where needed.
  • I didn't bother with isofix or easybase and spent the extra money on our pram instead. I found it so easy and quick to put the seat in with the belt. The store we bought it at showed us how to do it and it is so simple!! When he was a bit older we left the carseat in the car unless using it in someone elses car. I had a emergency c-section and no problems at all, took no more than a few mins! xx
  • We got the easy base and like you we were undecided to start with. My oh can fit the car seat in really quickly but i struggle i think it is because he has longer arms so can reach round easier but it takes me ages so i have got the base and oh just staps it in each time which he is fine with.

    Charlene and Alfie (20+4)
  • Hi - we just use the seat belt and find it really quick and easy. The bases are probably even easier but not sure if it would be worth the extra cash and the disadvantage is that you can't then use that part of the car while the base is there, so we prefer the flexibility of the seat belt (especially as we are often using different cars).

    C image
  • Anything to make life easier and the base definately helps. I had a C Section and being able to open the car door and simply drop the seat into the base was fab. I have, occasionally, strapped the seat into my Mum's car and, although its not complicated, it feels like it takes forever when its raining and your bum is getting wet!!! I would go with the base every time. Like the others have said, it might worth looking at the Maxi Cosi Pearl and familyfix base as that can be used for the next stage car seat on as well.
  • For a first stage car seat in my opinion worth every penny - we did a lot of transferring baby from car to house/shopping trolley just by lifting it out. Perfectly do-able with the seat belt but definitely more of a hassle on the occasions we did it - you sort of have to lean right over at a funny angle and it's hard not to bash the car door on the door next to you if you're parked next to someone.
  • Definitely go for the isofix base if you can afford it! Its the safest way for baby to travel and so so easy to use too! Once you've had the base I don't think you ever really feel as confident just using a seatbelt either..

    If you're planning on having more than one I think it works out more economical to buy the infant carrier base rather than the family fix because unless you waited years you'd need another base too soon and the family fix ones are quite abit more expensive.

  • Ive found mine invaluable having twins as it means I only have to put one down outside the car for minimal amount of time, where I would have to do it for longer if I had to strap each one in. However, we didnt buy ours. We have been leant them. Im not sure I couldve spent over ??200 on each carseat and base when they only last 9 months or so. I would definitely get one, but I would see about getting one cheaper as they arent like getting a 2nd hand carseat.


    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 21 + 6
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