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Cycle buddy needed CD1!!!!

So is there anyone who would like to be my buddy!??

Cycle varies from 28-32 days (though it was 35 this month!!!!)....

Lol offers please...


  • Hi, CD1 for me too. First af in about 15 months so no idea how long, always used to be between 30 and 34 days
  • I'm also on CD1 hun. image Not going to actively try this month though. Best of luck to you and lisao though! PMA and sticky baby dust to you both!! x x x
  • I'm so sorry she found you, your other threads had sounded so positive!

    I'm on CD1 too so would love some cycle buddies, this is our month girls image x
  • I'm on CD1 too - although confused about whether to ttc or not this month, if you ladies could read my post and give me your opinions I would really appreciate it!

    And trying and I am so sorry she found you image xx
  • Let's be buddies then. Not done this before- do we communicate on here or by email!? Lol!

    BroodyKate- i would just go for it. If the last 7 months have taught me anything its that it can longer than expected and i personally would hate to miss a month. But its up to you hun...!

    How long have you all been trying? We have been trying 7 months, been married 4 years this summer.

  • Trying I really hope you get your BFP this month! Sounds like you really deserve it!! This was only our first month of trying again after m/c at new year. We had already agreed to skip the next few months if nothing happened and to be honest I think it's just what I need. I've been taking it all too seriously of late. If it happens , then it happens, we aren't going to prevent either. x x x
  • This was my first month of ttc! cos the plan was if I was lucky enough to get BFP i was going to defer the whole year, but there is a girl on my course due any day now and she's just defering her placement and doing it at the end of the academic year which I didnt realise was an option. So now its got me thinking if I plan it right, I dont have to defer a year - awww its so hard, and today i was at my nieces bday party my SIL's 9 month old nephew fell to sleep in my arms for ages and my heart was melting!! xxx
  • My heart melts a lot at the moment too.... just so ready now! I am terribly obssessed with all baby things. Try to stop myself but then again whats the harm!?

    Hard choice to make Broodykate and i am sure you will make the right decision.

    Sugar n spice- i was quite obssessed about it all a few months ago and have chilled out since then. Am aware of which week i am roughly fertile but dont time it all anymore as it was getting way too stressful for me and my hubby( he works a lot of hours).... it was getting too much so i can understand where you are coming from. And everyone says that chilling out about it is a good thing so go for it and its much more fun isnt it!?

  • im on CD 2 x
  • awwww sorry she got u hun, i really thought u had your BFP image its all about april now! hope your feeling ok (((hugs)))) xxxxxxxx
  • This is my first month ttc baby no 2.
    My daughter, Holly is nearly 7 months and was conceived on month 4 of ttc last time. (although it was only 3rd month of proper trying)

  • BroodyKate I would keep trying if it were me too...

    Trying82 we're on month 4 ttc our second x
  • Af is coming to her end and my strategy (lol though we are not stressign about it honestly) is to have lots of bding!!! At least every other day and just see how it goes. My doc said that lots of bding is the best way to do it so you dont miss your chance!
    good luck girls!
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