agnus castus

Hi anyone taking agnus castus had any sucess?

i have very irregular cycles currently on cycle day 62 the longest its been in a while! Read alot about agnus castus can regulate your periods so thought id give it a go, been takin 1000mg once a day for about 3 weeks now and a multi vitamin also star flower oil as this is supposed to help your cycle.
I think i ovulate so thats a start just want everything to regulate before we try to conceive again.
so any advice or help i would love!!


  • personally it didnt work for me, i had 60+ day cycles after the pill and after taking AC they got worse and naturally reduced on thier own after i stopped taking it, it has worked for some though, there were quite a few ladies taking it in 08/09 when i tried it, so its defo worth giving it a go!

    good luck x
  • ive heard that off a few people but also some positive results aswell,think i'll keep taking it or a couple of months see what happens anything is worth trying!
  • well finally today i get my period!! 80 day cycle tho,so i'll keep taking the agnus castus see if i get a shorter cycle this time! Heres hoping!
  • i tried agnus castus for 4 months without sucess, so i gave up.
    do you have polycystic ovary syndrome? i do.
    the longest cycle i have had was 12 months! and then i only got my period because i started taking the pill.
    hope agnus castus works for you.
  • apparently your meant to take agnus castus for at least 3 or 4 months to start seeing results even longer if you have very long cycles. No i dont have PCOS just very long cycles. I have a daughter so i know i can pregnant,just struggling to conceive this time
  • yeah i wasn't very patient lol
    good luck
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