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how do you get your lo's to nap during the day, if we are in the house tyler fights it and gets very annoyed to the point you cant do anything with him. if we are out and about then its fine, tried putting him in his cot bed when he showed tired signs but still no good. he sleeps lovely at night in his cot bed swaddled up

where do yours nap, and how do you put them down ?


sarah+tyler(14 weeks)


  • Ive really struggled with this too Sarah. I usually resort to popping her in the pram! Recently, ive been getting her to sleep in a quiet room, either her bedroom or ours. We used to try in the lounge with the TV and lights on low as it took soooo long to get her to sleep. Id eat one handed whilst bobbing her on my knee. Now, after bath time, i take her in our room and hold her to my chest and just rock and pace with her. I do this with her at nap time too, but in her room. No noise, no distraction. It takes a little while but works eventually.

    Em x
  • I had problems with DS when he was about the age of Tyler. But I tried all different things - his fav way of sleeping was on me which obviously wasn't helpful as then I couldn't do anything! But now he's suddenly taken to sleeping in his cot again during the day if we are at home.

  • I used to have to get my LO to sleep in my arms then after about 15 mins of her being asleep, I had a lie flat pram in the dining room and put her in there to finish her nap while I rushed around to get things done in the 15/20 mins I had. Then one day my friend came round to help me puree home made baby foods as I had just started weaning her, and when it was nap time I had to just leave her in the pram to cry it out, going to her every few mins to give her the dummy back, and after about 30 mins she went to sleep. after that I have put her down awake and after a little struggle she went to sleep. Now I put her in her cot and she coos and kicks the bars for a bit, then goes to sleep with minimum fuss. It can take a while, it has taken a few months for me to get to this stage and sometimes I still have to get her to sleep in my arms as she is too upset to sleep on her own (usually in the afternoon as she gets quite tired by then) but generally she finally goes to sleep no bother. If going out in the pram is what you have to do initially then do whatever works, gradually trying to change it once your LO has a pattern (ish) of going to sleep after a certain time awake. Have you tried getting him to sleep in your arms initially? x
  • My lo used to be just like Tyler. Ds was always good at self settling but would have such a short nap in his cot compared to in his pram/car seat.

    Since about 5 months old his daytime naps massively improved and he started sleeping longer and going down wide awake and settling himself.

    Now at 8 months the minute you take him into his room he is yawning (quite amusing when you've popped in to get a spare vest or something and it's not actually naptime!) However trying to get him to sleep in the car/ buggy now is a nightmare.

    I would persevere with trying to settle him but I do believe it is a sleep maturity thing and most of the babies that I know that were rubbish nappers now nap beautifully as they have got older and more mobile so hang on in there!
  • I've always found nap time a nightmare. It quite took me by surprise too. DS slept constantly as a newborn, so it was a shock when he started fighting sleep at about 3 weeks old and he still does. The only thing that used to work was to pace up and down with him while holding him upright. He would even scream in the car or pram! We have now got to the point where he'll sleep in his Amby Natures Nest (a baby hammock). I put him in when he starts to whinge and bounce and swing him until he drops off (usually takes about 10 mins max). He'll sleep for over an hour in the morning, but wakes after 30 mins at lunchtime and is worse again for his afternoon nap! Things are by no way perfect, but he has improved! (He is 20 weeks old now). I hope that he does mature about his naps as he does fight them. As soon as I draw the curtains he starts to cry and he gets even worse when I put him in his gro bag!
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