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Stupid things we did

as kids or adults !!

As a kid i cut my bottom lip with a razer blade and luckly it was on the lip line so its hardly noticable.

Ive been told by my mum that i washed my hair in paint stripper,swallowed a 2pence piece,drunk nail varnish.

Has anyone else dont somethig silly

Thought id would give us all a laugh.


  • I ate half a caterpillar when i was a toddler (so glad i dont remember doing that eeeww!!)
    cant think of anything else, but im sure i will
  • I played with worms but never ate any,bet that was fury.
  • Could you not manage a whole one Kas?
  • LOL! You'd be ok in the jungle then!
  • I stapled my little finger with one of those mini staples you get in a christmas cracker.

    Ermmmmm dont think i did anything else - now said something embarressing is a different thing!! lol
  • Ooh yummiemummie, thats sounds awful.

    Sarah.....was that last christmas or the one before?????
  • Lucy it was this christmas lol
  • Go on Sarah! What embarassing thing did you say we have to know now!!!
  • Ok so when I was about 8/9 - I was in Woolworths with my mum when we saw my friend and her mum in there.

    I then decided to whisper to my mum "mum mum do you know what Zoes mum is"

    My mum said No so I declared she was a prostitute - well once my mum had composed myself she corrected me and told me that Zoes mum was a jehovah's witness and not a prostitute.

    Never lived it down to this day - oh the innocence of childhood!!
  • Oh sarah how funny.
  • As a child i stuck some tissue up my nose and had to go to hospital to have it removed.

    As a teenanger, mum went out for the evening and i was told not to go out. I went out leaving my sister on her own, i got hit by a lump of concrete on my forehead. It came up like a golf ball. I had a bit of explaining to do in the morning!

    As an adult, not too long ago, i asked for a double lemonade and vodka! How embarrassing!

    lol. xx
  • roflol ! dont think i would ever forget a drink.
  • lol Marie x
  • I also put a frog under my pillow when i was 4.
  • Really Emma?? Hehe thats really funny!!!
  • I did love all the creepy crawlies when i was young,my dad even made me get rid of spiders,would wake me in the night if he found one.
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