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Game over. CD1

Despite the positive symptoms, AF knocked this morning. Am gutted. Even though was only out first month, I was convinced cause of all the symptoms. I think I'm gonna book a GP appointment just to put my mind at rest, particularly with the mid-month bleeding.
Ah well, onto month two. Thought it would be too good to be true to happen first time. Good luck to everyone else still waiting.

Lou x


  • awww hun, at east you know where your cycles are now? as its ur first month? see yo in TTC april! it will be a good one! stay positive! (((hugs))) xxxxx
  • Hi Lou,
    sorry to hear that..... Our bodies do play tricks on us! Try to stay positive and get in the groove for next month with lots of BD'ing and spending time with your OH!

    I think I am out too as my symptoms seem to have altogether and am now feeling pre-menstrul so I know how you feel image

    When we start symptom spotting next month we can tell each other off!!!

    Mrs cake xxximage
  • Mrs Cake, are you sure we're not the same person?! Sorry to hear that for you too.

    I think I knew really yesterday afternoon when the cramps really did start to feel like period pains, and no hurting boobs yesterday. Slight spotting last night then full AF today. Grhh. I've had a few tears today as I was just soooo convinced. Ah well.

    Onwards and upwards to next month eh. We're going away this weekend, so at least it means I can have a nice glass of vino or two without feeling guilty.:lol:
  • Sorry to hear that hun, it will happen so dont worry!
    Babydust for next month!
  • Mine turned up this morning too

    Hugs to all the other CD1 & CD2 girls X
  • Sorry to hear that..I still have over week to go but I've been having twinges in my tummy and have a feeling AF will be turning up very soon.
    Good luck for the next month xxx
  • Hi looby,

    Its horrible when it becomes game over image, I managed to get to CD80 and during the long cycle i convinced myself i was pg so many times and of coz i was getting lines on my pg tests i really was convinced but they turned out to be evap so im not happy with those crappy SD pg tests!
    My CD01 was tuesday last week, im on CD11 now and im still feeling gutted. Im convincing myself that im going to get my BFP this month, im using OPK tests for the 1st time this month and im gonna try and catch that egg this time!

    Good luck you get your BFP soon

  • hey i hope everyone doesnt mind but me joining mine turned up today aswell cd 1 and iv just gotta go pick up my tabs for 2nd round of clomid

    mrsoinkplayboy- im gonna do the same and use opk test for the first time iv just gone through my diary markin everthing down when to test and everything im puttin my all into this months to catch my egg aswell.
    hugs to everyone x x
  • Can someone tell me what CD1 etc means? thanks image x
  • Hi muppet,

    CD1 means the 1st day of your AF.

  • Thanks MPP image all these acronyms confuse me but I think I'm getting the hang of what they all mean. Good luck everyone xxx
  • Hugs (((Lou)))) (and other CD1/2 folk!) Sorry to hear she arrived. I'm on CD2 of my second month TTC today so we're almost cycle buddies. Lots of baby dust and hoping for April BFPs all round! xx
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