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i feel like i am being silly

i can not wait till i move over to a due in forum i know silly cow so does evryone else ggggrrrrrr i feel mad at my self as there are people that have been trying longer than me (21 months this month)

sorry no need to reply just dont get to tell people and don't tend to post much sorry

Hate my AF's to there are so irregular last month was 68 days oh well



  • Ahhh emmajanesmith you're not being silly at all pet. I keep having a nosy in due in March and I get all teary reading the birth stories!

    Fingers crossed you'll get to be posting on one of those forums soon. xx
  • I keep having a nosy in due in March and I get all teary reading the birth stories!

    I thought it was only me did that!!

    Hun you are not alone, fingers crossed we can move over to a due in section very very soon! xx
  • i know what makes it worse is that i have had 2 children before and i have never had regular AF so when i was 16 or somewhere close to that age i got referred to the hospital to find out what was wrong why AF's where so irregular well the consultant said i was over weight go lose it and you will be find i was like 3 or 4 lb over weight the nurse that was there was so mortified at what he sid she was the one that was nearly in tears bless her my mum was nat amused either but me i was like he will get over it lol that my age for you well 2 years later my AF's were still MIA so went to the doctors and they said it could be the early menopause thats what kind of made me think maybe we should start trying for a baby but the doctor said to try as it might be and i might not ever have a baby and do we want to get referred to the hospital for test since we were having unprotected sex since i was 16 and i said yes so we discussed having a baby and since i alread said yes we went for it so my fear of not being able to have more kids silly i know well was referred and had an internal scan i found an egg that was just about to release and they said go home and try so we did and i was PG well i had her had normal bleed after having her then a year later we discussed having another one so we said wait for an AF to come so i hadn't had an AF for what 2-3 years something like that by this time well my mum made a comment about me being fat in the face am i PG i said no i need an AF before i can get PG but i knew you only had to ov so it got the better of me and it came up +ive then since having my 2nd they have become more regular than before but still unpredictable anywhere from 44 days upto 2 years

    sorry long post and so drawn out lol


  • i keep looking in due in march to its nice for all the nice BA but that poor lady sohaapy am thinking of her today

    God bless her


  • I keep peeking in november forum hoping I can join them! I am not due to test til next thurs and it feels sooo long!
  • me to lol it so horrible ain't it

    good luck every one ***BABY DUST***


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