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Appointment for IVF referral through

Hello Ladies,

Well after our lovely surprise earlier this month with my FSH level, we now have our NHS appointment through for 6th April.

Funnily enough my Consultant at BUPA is the same Consultant for NHS, so when I called him to say my FSH was below 12, he said he would refer me through NHS but I may have to have an NHS appointment with him first, so he can do it all properly.

Can anyone tell me what the waiting times after referral are like.... I'm being referred through Sussex NHS?? April / May is about the time we were thinking we would start IVF, gives us a couple of months to get geared up for it, but now I'm worried it's 6 weeks until my appointment and what if I have to wait another 2-3 months after that until we get started.

The clinic we will be using is The Bridge Centre in London.



  • Blimey I didnt think it would take that long...... I've wasted so much time being told the wrong info and then going private and spending 3 months on hormone injections.....this all started last June when I had my 1st hospital appointment!!!

    I also have a fairly low AMH, which is my main concern, if we leave it too long my odds will be alot worse..

  • Hopefully you won't have to wait too long, but if your first appointment is in April then I'm afraid its very unlikely you'd be starting anything April/May time. Obviously it will depend on the waiting list times, etc. We are now doing ICSI and even though our clinic had no waiting list times it still took about 3 months for us to get going after our last consultant appointment (due to waiting for consultant appts., period to start, etc.). Maybe you could ring your clinic and just ask them what their waiting times are and that will give you a more realistic idea? Good luck, hopefully they'll have a short list time.
  • Hi Babyhope

    Im not sure if you will remember me but we were both going to East Surrey for our first ever appointments around the same time! Its good to hear you are finally getting somewhere.

    We are still going through an appeal process but I am 99% sure we have got the go ahead for the IVF/ICSI funding. We are now waiting for the results on my husbands PESA treatment funding appeal.

    Feels like we've been going through the system since forever but there may just be a light at the end of the tunnel!
  • Hi babyhope,

    We had our appt with the consultant Dec and started Feb, so not long at all. Don't give up hope, because your clinic may get you through quicker than you thought xxx
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