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Down reg appt

Hi ladies,

I haven't posted for a while but have been logging on and keeping up to date with how everyone is doing. Like most of us I'm finding all of this v difficult and an almost surreal process and often have to remind myself to keep positive etc.

Anyway had my down reg appt Fri and the nurse confirmed that things are going ok, my endometrium was 3.3mm and they could see some follicles on each ovary. The only concern was a follicle on my right ovary which measured 9mm, although they said because under 10 I was ok to proceed, so start my stimming tomorrow.

Does anyone know what the follicles should be at this stage and what this all means? It's my first time so all v new to me. Also what symptoms should I expect from the Menopur? How much of this drug is everyone else taking?

Thanks ladies

Love Em J xx


  • Hi EmJ. Congrats on achieving the down reg bit, and brilliant news you are moving on to stimming. It all starts to get more exciting now.

    Everyone is different, so I don't know how helpful this is, but at the down reg stage, I think I had some follicles around the 6mm mark. If your clinic guides you that it's fine to proceed with one at 9mm, then they must be right.

    I took menopur last year as part of my IUI treatment, so it was a relatively low doseage (150ml every two days).I found it gave me a a bit of a pressure headache by late afternoon on the day I injected, but drinking pints of water helped. I also started taking the meds in the evening instead of the morning and that helped (in my IVF treatment at a different hospital, they insisted in took my meds in the morning, so not sure if you'll have this flexibility).

    I found I got some side effects with the down regging drugs (Buserilin) and to be honest I was just so thrilled to move on to the next stage!

    Best of luck.
  • Hi Mrs D,

    Thanks so much for replying. What stage etc are you at? I've had 4 inj of Menopur now and don't feel too bad, like you headachey but trying to carry on as normal. I'm also v bloated, but just hoping that my follies are growing, but I am uncomfortable in my clothes.

    I'm finding the leg inj v v painful- any tips??

    Back for 1st scan Mon, so fingers crossed everything going according to plan.

    Love Em J xx
  • Hi Em J,

    It's amazing just how differently everyone responds to the drugs....

    I had no side effects from the buserelin and was only achey the last few days before EC and I was on 4 vials of menopor!

    For my injections I was sititng quite upright on a dining room chair and grabbed a good 4cm of lard on my thigh tightly. Make sure there's no air bubble at the top and inject (stab!) firmly with a bit of pace into the lard! Release the gripped lard and before injecting depress the skin slightly before injecting. I injected reasonably quickly as found injecting slowly made no difference. I was quite lucky and after all the injections I only ended up with 2 small bruises. I'm sure it's because I have plenty of lard and surface area to work with on my thighs!!

    I know some girls have found putting ice to numb the are first helps...

    Good luck for your scan and hope you have some great follicles image

    Mrs D hope your cycle is going smoothly and good luck for EC.

    Love Alison xx

    PS forgot to say try to inject at right angles to your skin

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  • Hi Alison,

    Thanks for the advice, I tried ice last night and a bit better but still v painful whilst the needle is inside. I'm taking 3 vials of Menopur, would you say 2 was about the norm?

    Love Em J xxx
  • Em J, I am doing injections at the moment (Gonal F) and I'm due for egg collection on Wednesday (hopefully). I've been injecting into my tummy (as its fairly fleshy) and basically just grabbing some of my tummy and doing it that way. Bar the first day (when I was probably more forceful than I needed to be) I haven't bruised. If hubby is around I've used ice to numb (for him to feel involved) but if he isn't I haven't bothered.

    I haven't felt the side effects too badly until the last couple of days so I'm looking forward to Wednesday when I stop the injections, that's for sure.

    Hope you are feeling better today.

    Lougla x
  • Hi again!

    Good luck for egg collection Lougla. My best pain relief after was a furry hot water bottle!

    Em J How are you getting on with your injections? I trusted my clinic completely (Northampton Care fertility) and they took my age (nearly 37), weight (11stone something!!), FSH levels (8.5) and the fact I only had 9 follicles at my day 8 scan initially which was a bit on the low side of average.
    I was text book case and got 15 follicles, 11 eggs at EC and 10 were mature. I was prepared from the start that it could take 3 or 4 goes before they'd work out how my body would respond to the drugs. I didn't get OHSS but some of my cycle buddies were on a very low dose and just crept along gradually!
    Good luck for your scan tomorrow and I'm sure they'll adjust your menopor if need be. I think I was on the heftier dose scale of menopor!!!

    Alison xx
  • Hi Alison,

    I went for my 1st scan and had 14 follicles in total, but they seem to be still v small, none over 10mm. They said they will monitor again Wed, but I'm really worried now. Do you know what the follies should be at this stage?


    Em J xxx
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