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Can u have christening at church if you don't live in parish

We would like to get our little one christened in Scotland (we live in London) mainly as most of our family live there. Does anyone know if it is possible to do this as we don't live in the parish of the church we would like to have LO christened (nor do any of the family in Scotland).

I know in late 2008 things changed so that you could marry in a church even if you didn't live in the parish but am not sure if this also applies to christenings - can anyone shed any light?


  • hello

    it very much depends on the vicar, if its in the parish in which your family are they would probably let you if the vicar isnt still living in the dark ages, but most churches now make you take a course?

    worth giving them a ring to find out what their stipulations are x
  • We live in the south of england but are having our LO christened in Scotland next month.

    The church she is being christened in is the one my MIL attends, and its where my OH was christened.

    From speaking to the minister he said that most churches prefer you have a tie to the church, such as close family being members, as part of the christening is welcoming the baby into the community.
    Our minister agreed to the christening as its where most of our family live, and so will always be home, even if we dont live there right now.

    I do think its a bit of a tricky one, as i know most ministers insist on a strong reason for choosing the church, as if its somewhere you have no links with then it takes the meaning away from welcoming the baby into a church family
  • good detailed answer wanna-bump! i am sure i put a reply on earlier but it doesnt appear to be here. but basically i was saying something similar but not as detailed!

    we are having our bump baptised at the church we got married in, which is the next parish to the one we live in, but it's the one we got married in as it's the parish i grew up in and where my parents still live. that's RC.
  • Sorry piggypops, I don't mean to argue, but I just wanted to say that a minister who upholds strong theological beliefs shouldn't be labelled as "living in the dark ages". There is a difference between tradition and liberalism and prejudice and bible-based beliefs. People often don't help by blurring the boundaries or imposing beliefs in a prejudice way but it's not fair to see that all people who believe that the bible is God's infallible word are "backwards".

    I best get back to my cave now as there isn't much daylight lefts ;\)

    dont worry, i just havent had good experiences with churches and thier vicars!
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