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things going backwards....and i'm losing the plot!

My DS has always slept well at night only waking once for a feed since he was 8 weeks, he goes to bed like a dream at 7pm and doesnt (should i say didnt) used to wake until 3/4am for a feed, but in the last 2 weeks he has been waking up to 5/6 times in the night! HELP! at first when he woke as early as 10.30/11 i offered him a feed but he would just play with the teat and wasnt interested, he would usually settle quite quickly after maybe an ounce? he then takes his normal feed at about 2am and goes back off nicely. But from about 4.30 he wakes continuously and i am running out of tricks (he loves sleeping on his tummy so on the first waking i put him on his tummy) but then maybe an hour later he will wake again, (so i give him his dummy) but this just seems to fall out every 20 mins and i am back and forwards re-plugging him! if we bring him into our bed with his dummy it miraculously never falls out!?! at first i thought this was just fluke but surely it cant be!

He does have his dummy for daytime naps but even this is becoming a nightmare as as soon as the dummy falls out he wakes up and i have to re-plug! do i need to try to 're-train' him to sleep without his dummy? He doesnt need it for the majority of the night but i have come to use it to try and get him back off in the early hours...i just don't know what to do, and would really appreciate some help and advice, My partner works away a lot so i do all the night wakings and i'm fast running out of steam!

Keeley and Rafferty 14 weeks!


  • no real advice I am afraid- but with my lo- now 6 months she went through phases of sleeping well then waking lots. It seemed to be when she learnt something new- like rolling and she would do it all night and then cry and i would have to go in and turn her over! We also have the dummy issue and will try and get her off it at some point but can't face it yet! She seemed to also suffer from teething issues from 13 weeks onwards even though she still doesn't have any teeth through
  • If he has been sleeping through the night previously then he obviously knows how to settle himself. I have no ideas as to why he's waking now, but I think that I probably would get rid of the dummy and don't take him into your own bed. As long as you are sure he is not hungry or need a nappy change then leave him in his bed and use the shhh/pat method until he goes back to sleep and he should within a few nights learn that he won't get any extra attention and should go back to sleep himself. Also are you going to him to soon? Make sure that you give him a chance to settle himself before going to him.

    Good luck, I hope he gets better soon. Btw these tips are from the Baby Whisperer if you want to read them in more detail the book is fab!
  • Thanks ladies, i do have a little baby whisperer book but its only got tips in, i have just looked for a bigger book and it seems there are a few different ones, any ideas which is best?
    Quick update:
    Last night i left him to cry (resettle) for 5 mins and he went back to sleep, i would usually have gone into him before this, and also for the first time ever he didnt go to bed with his scratchmits on and he is still asleep now with his finger in his mouth, so looks like he could have found an alternative comfort to his dummy!

    Keeley and Rafferty
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