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CD01 anyone?

Horrid witch turned up this morning so am on to my 10th month of ttc!


  • Probably will be tomorrow Jay, test was -ve this morning. I will let you know. Sorry you're out this month. I'm hopeing for a xmas baby though nowimage
  • Well hopefully you wont be joining me and you get your BFP but if you do then it will be nice to have a previous cycle buddy to carry on to the next one with x
    Saw your other post about you buying a truck load of hpts. You did make me laugh! he he
  • I'm CD2 Jay so we can be cycle buddies : ) Hope you're not feeling too crappy, I felt awful yesterday when she arrived :cry: .x.
  • Got my period an hour ago - I'll join you!

  • Count me in too girls!
    I'm CD1...would be lovely to have the company.
    Only really first month trying since coming off pill so new to this. My CBFM has been all geared up and waiting for this. Feeling really good about this month! image
    Baby dust to you all x
  • hey ladies, im sorry you all got your AF, i am CD17 and just got my smiley, i havnt come in here to brag as i no that every month when i am CD1 i feel just awful, just wana say keep PMA going and you WILL all get BFP this month!!
    Freckle, i am on my 2nd cycle with cbfm, i great as it does all the counting for you and even tells you when your AF is due so you dont have to do all the calculating!!
    ***Sending you all Lots and Lots of Babydust***
  • Yay more cycle buddies xx I felt totally horrible this morning when she arrived and cried like a right [email protected]*er having my shower and getting dressed this morning. I think i was also more upset as i had told my sister on the Monday that i thought i might be PG as I had had crampy pains almost every day since ov and also sore nipples so of course she got excited at the thought she might become an auntie. But i had to text her this morning to say i had come on and she was gutted!

    Well ive just got to get on with it now really and just think ahead. Got my holiday to Miami in May to look forward to so at least thats something.

    Good luck girlies and dumping a great big sack of babydust over all your heads this month xx
  • hi sorry to hear that jay 78 are you trying for an xmas baby now? i am cd 19 and would really like an xmas baby. hope you dont mind me joining in. who you going on hols with? i go away in may too x
  • We're supposed to be being relaxed about TTC - I am so annoyed at myself for being this disappointed. I guess I care about this sooo much more than I thought. I am feeling a lot more positive now than I did a few hours ago. Best foot foward for this month!
  • Hey Kimlou of course i dont mind, more the merrier xx
    Am probably going to just see how it goes and try not to get too wound up about things, although i know from experience is a lot easier said than done. Also if i did have a xmas pud then would be due 20th dec which is a little too close to xmas day for me really. Also want to enjoy hols and be able to drink. I'm going with hubby to miami so you never know i might come back with a 1 year anniversary package! Although If i did conceive before i would still be really pleased xx

    How long are everyones cycles btw?? Mine is on average 26 days
  • Aw Jay sorry to hear the witch got you were you due on today?

    Good luck for next month xx
  • that will be nice then its best you try not to think about it too much saves all the stressing but i know what you mean it is hard lol! my cycles are usually 28 days but last 2 cycles have been 35 days probably because im ttc ha! x
  • Mine are around 26 too, or a day either side : )
  • Thanks SD - I was due on either yesterday or today so she was on time really. boooooo

    OK girls so according to the ovulation calculator I should be ovulating 25th-29th March and i guess next af would be due 12th April then. I usually get ov pains before i ov (c2 days). Havent been using opks or anything else. Will probably just use the suck it and see theory this month though (although wont be sucking anything if you catch my drift! he he ooo gross)

    OK so think i will start up another thread for us showing start of cd, ov date, next af due date, testing date
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