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Which formula?

I planned to BF my LO but after 10 days he just wont latch on and stay on properly, he's just too lazy to work for his food and has left my breasts battered and bruised! With MW support have decided to try expressing as much as possible but will have to give him formula if cant express enough to ensure he's getting sufficient food. Can anyone recommend which formula is best - we never planned on FF so didn't look into it at all and short of picking one from the shelves randomly we have no idea where to begin. Any help much appreciated!!


  • i think a lot of people use apitmal formula and i personally haave not heard anything bad about it but never used it myself. we use cow and gate first milk. i have used thisd with both my girls x
  • I have just begun to FF my LO after 10 weeks BF. Decided to use Aptimal. Used C&G first but didn't agree with LO. We have had no problems. x
  • We used Aptamil alongside EBM. It's supposed to be the closest in consistency to breast milk. My lo didn't get on well with Cow and Gate, but was great on Aptamil.
  • I have used Aptamil and Cow and Gate. baby was fne on both so I think from the other comments, either one should be ok and if one doesn't work just switch. Giving lo a chance to get used to it first though.

  • I did exactly the same and used aptamil. Worked well for us

  • Aptamil all the way, lol!! As the others said, it's supposed to be the closest to breast milk an my LO was fine on it alongside EBM which he had until he was 15 wks, at which point I had started to get fed up of being constantly attached to my breast pump, lol!!
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