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Sleeping pattern changed

This could completely be a one off, my lo might just have been tired, after being awake for 4 hours together yesterday morning. But if they do something out of their usual, it makes you worry sometimes! Is he actually ill etc.? Well James feeds on demand, so his bottle times change, and the longest he goes between feeds is 5 hours unless it's over night. He had a feed at 5pm which he cried for, and took most of the bottle. But it was over an hour, which is longer than usual. He was trying to sleep through it and didn't wake for another bottle like he would normally do. I've just woken him at 11.30 for a bottle, because he would normally have one. I'm used to him sleeping a block of say 5-6 hours during the night, but not 6.5 from that time of day! He doesn't have a temp, he's taking the bottle with encouragement. His eyes are wide open, when he's not trying to go back to sleep. I'm going to try to get a dr appt in the morning anyway, because I've found a lump on his neck, which could be an enlarged gland. What do you think, is he just catching up on sleep, or possibly coming down with something? Thanks girls from a first time mummy, who's not sure whether to have a mini panic! :roll: xx


  • I wouldn't worry - I dont know how old your LO is, but I am assuming he's less than a few months old, and if thats the case then it is totally normal for them to change their routine at the drop of a hat. It's good that you are getting the lump checked - but really, try not to worry.

    The main thing is that he seems happy in himself - if there was anything wrong he would let you know!!
  • Some babies sleep through growth spurts so it might be that? Hope the doctor puts your mind at ease image
  • Hi, thanks for your replies. Well James is 9 weeks old. He has raised lymph nodes so about to or currently fighting off something. He hasn't had any symptoms, apart from sneezing now and again. But he could have had the cold both myself and his dad had. Just have to see if he becomes poorly. So could still be illness or growth spurt. :roll: xx
  • Might he need to move onto a faster flow teat? I'm sure I read somewhere that it was time to change when LOs started taking longer over their feeds/falling asleep during feeds etc.

    I might be wrong though! Adam is only 5 weeks old and still on level 1 teats! image

    And that obviously does not explain the sleeping...

  • Hi Cate, that is right about the teats. I have bought size 2, just haven't had the courage to use them yet. :lol: xx
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