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When does baby go in the big bath?


My lo is almost 22 weeks now and we still use a special bath support chair for him. He is probably getting a bit too big for it now so my question is, what comes next? He can't sit up on his own yet but I guess isn't far off.



  • we were thinking of this for dd as well because she is 21 weeks and starting to get a little big for her bath we wanted to get like a bath seat, something like this http://www.amazon.co.uk/ABC-37005720-Swivel-Bath-Seat/dp/B000OLYJUW/ref=sr_1_24?ie=UTF8&s=baby&qid=1268998323&sr=1-24
  • Hiya,

    I stopped using my baby bath when my LO turned about 12wk old but that was because he outgrew it! I just run a shallow bath in our 'adult' bath and lie him in it supporting his head the whole time. He loves having the space to kick around and splash.
    He's now almost 7months old and I've been looking at the swivel seats. I hadn't got one yet as he still can't sit up unaided but is gaining more balace each day so will get one.
    I've found it cheaper at Tesco than Amazon....


    Shell xx
  • Hi, great price at Tesco rather than Amazon - looks like a good second option after the bath support we have been using,

  • Oh, trying to remember now. Abby was 4 months when she grew out of her bath support, and went into a swivel chair (she wasn't sitting THAT well at this point, but she lept out of the bath support, so it just wasn't safe - we put a rolled up towel behind her to keep her steady at first) then she was about 6 (maybe 7) months when we ditched the swivel chair - she was sitting really well, so we just had her unsupported in a shallow bath, and made sure we were always within grabbing distance.

    I think it depends on your baby though, and how well they are sitting (and how likely they are to fling themselves out of the bth support!)
  • Oskar is 13weeks old and hasnt used his baby bath since he was 3weeks old and I have never used a baby support. He goes in the big bath in 1 of 3 ways: 1 - with me in a deeper bath so he can have a little kick around swim and loves it. 2 - in a shallower bath with Alfie who is now 3 where I support his head and he lays there kicking playing with his bro. 3 - in the big bath on his own in shallow water. I either hold his head and he lies down or I support him with 1 hand while he sits up playing with his ducks.
    I think it depends on the baby as my ds1 was not so sure of water and wouldnt' have a bath without crying unless I was in there to hold him but Oskar loves being in the water and tries to move away from me.
  • we had a tummy tub but from birth bathed Dexter in the big bath and never used any supports x

    he either gets in with us, or we supported him in a fullish bath, or let him lie in unsupported in a shallow bath x x
  • Heidi is now nearly 14weeks and we just put her in big bath with little water in it!I do not hold her head I just fill it to her ears and she loves it!she dis sometimes turn her head into water but just blinks it away she dis not mind n she kick like mad she loves it!I sometime bring her in with in a deep bath and she sits up n plays way toys ect!
  • We have an aquapod now and it's fab!
    She is pretty good at sitting up but even if she wasnt it would still leave me with one hand free to bathe her

  • jacob is 11 weeks and we dont use it anymore he either has a deep bath with me or a shallow bath where i just support his head, it is acctually more comfy for me not to be restricted by the baby bath sides which means i can support him for longer before my back and arm starts to hurt image
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