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Cradle cap...

...don't you just want to pick it?! :lol:image xx


  • Lol yes. J has it still at 16 months and I sometimes pick it! Naughty me!
  • :lol: read on the internet to put olive oil on, and comb out with fine tooth comb in the morning. But James hasn't enough hair to do that, and I don't have a fine tooth comb! So I soften it with olive oil or aqueous cream, then it comes off a bit in place, and I have to get rid of it! image xx
  • ergh no, i can honestly say i never had the urge to pick it when ds had it, i actually feel quite queazy at the thoought.

    olive oil does work wonders, all of ds's had gone by the time he was 6 weeks old...he's also a little baldy...i wld massage a little into his scalp just before bed, and 'wash' it out with a warm damp sponge next morning.
  • Oilatum is really good too. I put it on really thick at night and put a hat on him then in the morning I used a comb to get it out. You can buy fine combs in pharmacies, I'd get a prescription for oilatum or use the minor illnesses scheme because it is pricey x
  • Think it might be a bit awkward to comb it out considering the amount of hair J has - he has long, curly locks!
  • Flynn has got it really bad at the minute too, and the temptation to pick it is awful! He even has it in his eyebrows though!
    My Mum suggested using olive oil too, but I hate putting it on him (the HV suggested it for his dry skin too).
  • Sorry if you were offended WoW baby.
  • The dentinox cradle cap shampoo is really good - if you scrub it in quite firmly (obviously without actually hurting baby!) it sorts it right out - and then you don't actually have to comb it out.

    My ds1 also had cradle cap on the eyebrow as well lol - try aqueous cream.

  • lol i have to laugh because lizzie had it really bad across her hair line about 2 hours ago,lol that was until i had enough looking at it so i covered it in cream got some kitchen roll and gently picked it all of!! i then washed her hair and my goodness it looks better!! x
  • James has been asleep on me for a couple of hours, I've just been rubbing his head trying to loosen it! x
  • aww no i wasn't offended, sorry if i came across that way, just the thought of it makes me feel a bit bleurgh, i'm not a fan of picking any scabs or anything really, not saying other's shldn't do it, jsut it's not for me lol. x
  • I agree dentinox shampoo is fab. Sara's not actually had cradle cap but I use it when I wash her hair as a preventative far so good
  • :lol::lol:

    I always want to pick it. I pick my 5 yr old daughters scabs too! My oh thinks I'm disgusting - which I probably am.

    I use olive oil, she has some dry skin on her face too so her whole head gets greased up :lol: then when she's feeding I can't help but pick a bit.
  • :lol:
    I've used a muslin square to try and losen it, but it wasn't that good, so I used his baby brush in circles really gently and it came away a bit. Looks loads better now! I do feel sorry for him, when he's got stuff on his head to make it feel better it makes his hair go all gunky and sticky, poor lad!
  • Oh God yes. Toby has it at the moment and I've been using Dentinox. Now it's starting to dry up and come off in bits and I am desperately trying not to pick it all off - have to confess that when I am feeding him I can't resist though. I must look like a chimpanzee combing through his hair with my fingers picking off bits of skin!! I just can't stand it and can't wait till it's all gone.

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