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First Step!

Leah took her first step yesterday so wont be long before shes off! it was lovely and Lexie was cheering her so cute just not sure ive got enough pairs of eye with both on the move lol


  • Aw that's fantastic. Lydia is still cruising along on the furniture and standing up for a few seconds unaided. Although she has started to walk just holding one of my hands now so we re getting there!! X
  • congrates leah! hollie took 2 steps the other day. its so exciting isnt it? x
  • Yey, go Leah! It's amazing that just 12months ago they couldn't even lift their heads ! Max is toddling across the room now but he's really tight on doing it often, once every few days then he goes back to cruising! It's so cute how their legs get carried away with them, he practically runs cause he can't keep up with himself then collapses into a heap xx
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