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What's it called?

What's the little gadget called, that goes over a baby boy's willy, to stop him peeing on himself and you? Do they work, and does it mean you can use both hands properly to then change the nappy? Thank you. :\) xx


  • erm no idea, but a laying a baby wipe or piece of cotton wool over his willy, keeps ir down and soaks up anything if he shld wee mid change. much cheaper, and not sure i like the idea of putting gadgets over ds's willy lol hth x
  • I think they are called pee pee tee pees! You can get them on ebay.

    I just put kitchen roll under Adam's bum when I am changing him and that soaks up any wee!

    Today Adam weed, pood and was sick all at once when I was changing him, it was horrific!!

  • My friend used them on her little boy and said they were useless because they just flew off with the force of the wee! :lol:
  • We do use a cotton wool pad, or a wet wipe. Just wondered if the wee wee tee pee (if that's what it's called! :lol: ), actually worked. You have to wipe, hold bum up in the air, and protect yourself from a potential fountain all at once! :lol: xx
  • Haha, not me then with the same thinking .... that I need something to protect both me and Liam and his clothes for that matter from his naughty fountain.

    The other day when we were out, Liam peed all over himself and was completly soaked through, good job we had just bought him a new outfit because he would of had lunch in his sleepsuit.

  • We just cut up an old towel and lay piece of that over him it worked a treat and just went int he washer when we had used them up!
  • haha mrs hall, we were at the hv clinic one day getting him weighed (he was only about 10weeks then i think) OH came with us and while i was talking to the hv OH was undressing ds on the table behind, ds started to wee and it went all over the hv lmao!! OH didn't even try to 'stem the flow' he just stepped aside so as to avoid getting wet himself lol hahaha
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