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Struggling to conceive

Hey i am 19 and have an 11 month old son, and i am finding it hard to conceive. i am feeling very low and depressed in myself and i am on anti despressants, can they make you less fertile wqhilst taking thwem, or might it just be a matter of time? help plz???? x:\?


  • Hi heather
    sorry i dont know - but i didnt want to read and not reply. i'm trying to concieve my first - im 29 and was on the pill for 13 years, took it bang on time every day scared i'd fall preg if i didnt - if only i'd known it was going be this hard. we've been trying 3 months which i know isnt long but feel quite low myself. baby dust to us both x
  • Heather Louise

    Unfortunately, having one child doesn't always mean the next will come as quickly - so yes it could just be that it will take longer for your second.

    This may not be my place to say - but if you are feeling low and depressed, maybe you need to take some more time to get yourself into a better place first?. You will be absolutely shattered pregnant and with a toddler to look after, so you'll need to get yourself as prepared as possible so you can take care of yourself and your little ones.

    ttc when you suffer from depression is not great - I know from personal experience. It's another thing to get yourself down over. Feeling low and depressed may make it hard to want to BD. I'd check with your Doctor to see if your medication could actually impact ttc as it depends what you are actually taking. Maybe even see if you can get some counselling (if not already doing that). I found I had to try a couple of different counsellors before I clicked with one and she walked me through alot of good techniques to get me out of the black periods.

    Hope this helps you

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