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night feeding and sleeping wits end....

I am getting to my wits little one goes to bed at about 10-10.30, she wakes up between 4-5am, I am breastfeeding at night which she takes very well, feeding for about 10-15mins, she then falls asleep which can be difficult to get her burped. However once asleep I then put her back in her cot, minutes later she is awake crying, I get her put her back to sleep put her in the cot and again awake and crying, this goes on for an hour until i either put her in with me or, for the last couple of nights, I have given her a dummy. I have also tried putting her back in the mosses basket to make her feel secure, my husband has tried putting her to sleep too. I have also fed her again and again thinking she hasn't had enough but as soon as she is on she falls asleep. She does settle with the dummy but if this falls out when she is still a little awake she cries, and she does settle when in with me but I don't get a good sleep and I don't want to get into this habit.

Anyone else have this problem or had this problem and what did you do????????? I'm beginning to bicker with my husband over it too.

x x x x


  • Hi

    Can i ask how old you lo is?

    jen xx
  • she is 10weks on thurs.....this has been going on mainly for the last week, previously she would go into the cot, wake up but be able to be put down for the second time, now I can't seem to settle her and I am going crazy x x
  • My LO used to do that every night! I used to give formula after her night BF. I had to as she just would not settle. If you don't want to do this, would you be able to give her a bottle of expressed milk? x
  • During the day I give a mix of breast feeding with expressed milk and formula, depending on what I am doing and if I have managed to express much, but her last feed at night is you think I should giver her formula during the night? I am now reluctant to 'wake' her during the night with nappy changing as I have done this before to find nothing in there and her fully awake and happy to play which is worse as it takes alot longer for her to settle. She does self settle during the day (of a fashion) but refuses during the night, I have tried to leave her but she just gets into a tizz and ends up screaming so I have no choice but to go to her. x x
  • Hi hun hope you are well (apart from this obviously!)

    Yoou said she is difficult to burp do you always manage to burp her could it be a wind pain?

    Alyssa was like this for a while always waking at 4ish and would only sleep if we put her in with us, we are really lucky now that she self settles and can be put down in her cot awake and get herself off to sleep, have you tried getting Tilly to settle her self?

    Clair xx
  • oh you replied as i was writing and answered my question about self settling hhmmmmmm she has me stumped!!

  • if she'll settle on you maybe she need propping up a little, we use a wedge matteress and after two weeks of only sleeping on me slept like a dream on it, we figured he was having slight relux laid flat? also maybe try putting her down earlier, we found a half seven bed time made the later part of the night better?
  • I have the mosses basket propped up but will look into the wedge mattress for the cot! no she doesn't always burp but she did a good few last night but still she was bad, I think she does suffer with gripe and I have the infacol and gripe water which settles her but doesn't seem to help with the sleeping issue!!!! she has recently started to sleep (I think properly) at about 7.30-8 as I have had to wake her for her feed at 10 so maybe actually putting her to bed at that time may help...I will try anything! what is silent reflux?? x x

    Clair, good to hear from you! How are you?? seen the new photos, Alyssa is gorgeous! I am at my wits end, she is fab during the day but at this time of night I am having a nightmare. she has me stumped too!!!!!! x x x
  • I'm really well thanks!! Tilly is beautiful too!!

    I was going to say have you tried sleeping her on her side? Another lady i know had a little girl who would only be cuddled to sleep so she bought one of these

    and when you fasten it snug it kind of tricked the baby i think into thinking mummy was still cuddling her and she slept like a dream just cause we bought one for Alyssa when we wre having a tough time at night but by the time we ordered it and it was delivered she started sleeping really well and on her back so we never opened it so it's still in the box and we have no use for it, i could stick it in the post to you if you like?

    Clair xx
  • Oh Clair if you really have no use for it i will try anything because I have put her on her side when she is in with me and she sleeps fantastic, i will of course pay for it but YES PLEASE!!!!!!! x x x
  • Nope i have absoloutley no use for it, it's just sitting in the nursery gathering dust so of course i will post it to you but i really do not want anything for it i ordered it from an ebay seller (brand new) so i didn't pay as much as it is for sale on that site i was just planning on dropping it off at the charity shop with some other bits and bobs i had so if you want to drop me a message on FB with your address i will stick it in the post to you asap and hopefully you will get some use out of it and i will keep my fingers crossed it works!!!

    Clair xx
  • Oh and it's pink BTW not blue like the one in the link but i'm sure that's not a problem

  • Pink is good!!!!! You are very kind thank you! I will send you a message with my details on. I am just looking down at my little bumpkin now thinking what night are we in for tonight and all she can do is smile and stare intensely at me while stroking my wrist.......oh beautiful how can I lose my patience?????? x x
  • Awwww i know exactly how you feel there have been times i have just had to put Alyssa in her cot and go away and leave her, but i always think the same when she is in a calmer mood but i think its totally nomal to feel your patience is wearing thin esp when like you and me we don't have much help around!!

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