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just did a test....

.....i couldnt wait till later - plus i wanted to do another opk to see if it would be 6 days in a row of positives! anyway, it was BFN! i wasnt very suprised tbh, but still a bit gutted!

just got to hope that my temp rise means i have ov - and just ignore opks!

fingers crossed for 1 april then! (thats when af due) xx


  • awwwww poo! o well its not over yet! may just be too early!? good luck hun! xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • plus you didn't use fmu which will could have had an effect. Too tired to try and work your dates out so hoping its just too early for you! Keep an eye on your temps though and I'd keep doing the opks as well, then if they stay high its a good sign!! Good luck! x
  • Oh livvy, im so sorry hun!, I feel really bad now that i said you should test!! I hope you get your BFP very soon, good luck xxxxx
  • Hope you get your BFP soon hun
  • thanks for the replies everyone. debbie....dont feel bad! you know as well as i do - i was just looking for an excuse to do it!!!
    garfield - i am still doing opk and temps and last night my opk was still pretty much positive - but a bit lighter perhaps than before. my temp dipped slightly this morning, but is still high (36.7) and above normal.
    got cramps today a bit like af and feeling very tired and got horrid taste in my mouth (a bit like sick - gross!) xx

    p.s. thanks for the good luck - will be testing next week....if i can hold out, it will be thursday morning (good news for the easter bank hol hopefully!)
  • good luck! x
  • Hi finding it hard to wait to test like 12DPO do you think it's too early to test..i am due AF on Sunday...
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