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Full time carers

Hi all
We have had lots to deal with over the past 7mths re:chantelle and its now at the time when the foster assessments are done and just awaiting to go to panel.
We have had talks with my mum brother and chans guardian and have decided to take her on full time under a(S.G.O) special guardianship order which is kind one step away from adoption.
He mum hasent had any contact since sept 07,we all want to keep her in the family so my mum to has also gone for the S.G.O. so if for any reason we are turned down my mum could then go for it.This stops her going into care/adoption and also stops her mum making all the problems she has caused in the past few days.

Just thought is say as some here already know why we have got her and thought i would update the situation.

Sorry for the essay!



  • Emma, That's absolutely brilliant and i so hope you get it no problems, it's been said on here before but little Chantelle really is lucky to have you all and its wonderful you're all so intent on remaining in her life!

    I'm sorry her mum's been making trouble the last few days, i hope you're ok and not too stressed. Please keep us posted.
    Take care of yourself! Tasha xxxx
  • Thanks tasha.
    Her mum put a stop to the restbite i asked for to look after adi when he has his op.she said no as it was my mum having her,they all went to court and got it agreed yesterday,it was strefful but now sorted so im much happier.

  • Hi Emma, that's great news! I agree with Tasha that Chantelle is very lucky to have such a caring family. A lot of people would have let her go into care. I hope her mum sees sense and stops causing you problems!
  • Gosh Emma thats really disgusting of her mother to do that to you all. I'm so glad the courts saw sense. I hope Adis op goes great and that he recovers quickly, remember, we're all here if you ever need a good chat xxxxx
  • Thanks girls!

  • Hi Emma,

    I hope you are all ok.

    As the other's have said Chantelle is very lucky having you to take care of her, and it's great the courts realise she is in the best place and not taking any notice of Chantelle's mother's tricks.

    It's a big thing what you have decided to do and when Chantelle grows up I'm sure she'll eternally grateful for what you have done for her.

    You are very special.

    I hope Adi's op goes well and that recovery is quick.

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • Hi Emma. That is great news that things are moving and the courts are being rational about it all. I know a guy who was adopted who is still having a hard time accepting the whole situation even though he has known about it at least half his life, but with you being able to explain to Chan how hard you fought for her, I'm sure she will be absolutely fine and understand how lucky she is that she will have had you to be the mother and family she deserves. And you are being so selfless in everything you are doing for her. I think you are fantastic.
  • Hi Emma,
    I think what you are doing is fantastic, sounds like both Chantelle AND Riley are very lucky!
    Emma x
  • Hi Emma,

    what great news, the situation has really developed since we all first started chatting ......months back.

    Chan is very lucky, and Riley must be such a star to take such a change.
    best of luck with it all , and dont forget we are all here to let off steam at or chat to.

    kas xx
  • Hi Emma

    That's fantastic news!!
    Like the others have already said Chantelle is so lucky to have you in her life!!

    Hope Adi's op goes ok and he makes a speedy recovery.
    Take care xx
  • Hi All
    first off sorry for not being around,ive been run ragged by adi at home,his doing much better,he ended up having 3 op's and taking 1 1/2hr's instead of just 10mins.His doing much better but still in pain.

    Heres the bad/sad news.
    Since i lats posted everything was going really well but it has all taken a very lot of talking and we are having to give chan up,thers still the problem of chan's mum who just wont leave her be and has been making it clear that if we get her permenantly she wont leave us alone.We have talked about it all week and feel that we just couldnt put ourselves through that and especially riley as he deserves the best.
    It was the hardest desicion to make ans i feel like im loosing my child,they may come and collect her today,i hate to know that she has to go to another foster home with total strangers but my mum is still being assessed for the S.G.O.and the final court date is in june so dont really no what will happen,we can only hope that my mum gets her.

    I hate chan's mum for doing what she has as she has ruined this little girls life and i feel she has won as this is what she wanted.

    I will be very upset to see her go and we have told riley as best we can for him to understand what about to happen as i no he will miss her terribly.

    Sorry for going on but i needed to get it off my chest or i think i would start crying and i dont wat to do that.
    I'll pop back and let you no how today goes and what happens.


    p.s.thanks for all your support.
  • Oh Emma I'm so so sorry for what you've been through and what's happening to you now. You have tried your very very best and have given Chantelle a wonderful and very loving start in life. It's awful what her mother has done to you all and i totally understand why you have had to make this hard decision, I so hope that your mum is allowed to have Chantelle soon so that she can remain part of your life and will always know the wonderful thing you did for her.
    Take care hun and big cyber hugs to you xxxxxx
  • Emma, thats awful that you should be made to feel like this, it must have been such a hard decision for you. Big hugs to you all. you must be feeling bad, but you are right to think of your family and i really hope that your mum gets chan!! i hope things improve for you all, and dont forget we are here to talk to if you need us.

    take care
    kas xx
  • Thanks girls,means alot.
    They collected her at 6ish and she went ok,im happier knowing that she has gone to my mums for a few days while they arange another foster family till my mum is assessed.

    Riley had a little cry coz he couldnt go to nana'a and pop's(mainly coz he oves my younger brother and the nintendo wii)but have told him its to have a break and us time,he is set on the zoo so im taking him friday for the day,then gotta think of things to do for the hols.

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