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What time does baby have evening dinner?

Is 4pm to early and at the moment he has his dinner after mine about 6 bath and bed for 7. I want to stop df at 9.30 at night if I can so was wondering when to feed him earlier trouble is by 4pm he wants a sleep.

Your advise would be great.


  • Hi Rebecca,

    Grace has hers at around 4.30-4.45pm, then once her tum has settled has some nappy off time, bath and bottle. She is normally in bed before 6pm as she is so shattered by then!

    Her next 'meal' is her 7am milk but she is FF.

    Em x
  • how old is he??!
  • I think it depends on your personal family routine. Everyone has different circumstances. My ds1 from the age of 1 has always had dinner with my dh and myself when we get home from work so about 7-7:30pm. Otherwise we would never have had meals with him as we leave at 6:45am. He then has his bath at 9 and in bed by 10. I know that this would shock many people but it is what works for our family. You have to go with what is right for you.
  • Beth has hers at 5pm. Then bath, bottle and bed starts between 6-6.20 depending on if she had an afternoon nap. If she does have nap I always get her up by 5pm so she is ready for bed at 7pm latest.

  • Peter eats at six so that we can all have a meal together in the evening. Then bath, milk, story and he's usually in bed by 7:30. We've had an evening routine base around this bedtime from very early on and it works well for us; we just tweak things as he develops.
  • Thanks he will be 7 months next week.

  • My lo eats with us around 6pm as this is when I'm home from work. My OH picks her up from childminder at 4pm and she'll have a nap, sometimes she doesn't wake till I get home at 5.30pm. Depending what time last nap was, bed is anywhere between 7.30 and 8.30pm. This works for us and work, I'd rather her nap later so I get to spend time with her in the evening
  • My lo doesn't sleep much in the day so i shattered come 5pm. She has her tea at 4pm and then i start bedtime routine around 5ish and she is in bed 530/6pm and wakes at 6am the next day! She is nearly 11 months but we have been doing this since she was about 7 1/2mths
  • LO has dinner about 4 - 5 depending on lunch time and naps. She goes up for bath at 6.30, bottle and then bed by 7. She's 7 months also x
  • Seth has his 'tea' at 4.30. Then his last bottle at 6.30 and bed.
  • Exactly the same as SLOW - bottle at 3, dinner at 4.30, bottle at 6 and in bed asleep by 6.30. Each of the boys may be slightly different though as I wont wake them if theyre asleep (they sleep really badly in the day!)
  • On a good day - Abby has milk and a snack at about 3, dinner at about 5, then Milk in a sippy cup at about 6, and is usually in bed by 7 - 7.30. That's it for her, until breakfat when she wakes up.
  • Thanks ladies ok last night I gave it ago, fed him dinner at 4.30 he had a little sleep I woke him at 6.15 after he had been asleep for about 30 mins, then he had a bath and was really tired, crying no stop then bf milk which he had for 35 mins and fell fast asleep, heard the odd try at 9.15 but he does that sometimes, I got up at 2.20 for a wee he was still asleep, he then cried at 2.40 for a bit and again a bit later on, I just ignored him and both times he went back to sleep, I woke up just before 6 as its to light he woke up at 6.20 and mumbled and then vried at bit more so I got him came back to bed and fed him.
    Carried it on today where possible as we went out just after 9am

    He haad porridge at 8.10 had a littl sleep before we went out, got back 12.15 he had dinner, 13.35 gave him milk, dinner was 4.15, evening milk at 6.35 bed at 7pm was tired but did not fall asleep till about 7.45. I was pleased with last night he had nearly 7 and half hours straight sleep, that good for him, hope tonight is better, at least I am getting a bit more sleep.

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