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Asda HPT

Are they any good? I cant afford to be buying CB all the time and asdas are alot cheaper but are they acurate?


  • I got my +ve on these tests at 7dpo...i really like them and there a bargin the ASDA by me there a twin pack for ??3.60!!

    I gotta say the Clear blue and First responce never picked up my positive test till i was 13 DPO!!
  • How bizzare?!

    I was in asda today looking at the hpt's but i didn't buy any because i have never seen anyone on here recommend them. And now i log on and wham! a reccomendation!

    Might go get me some tomorrow :\)
  • I think I will buy a few as they are alot cheaper. I dont like FR though. Got my last 2 BFP with them xx
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