When to test again?

Hi girls,

Further to my post yesterday... I'm basically due my AF on Saturday and yesterday got a very very faint line on a HPT and another very faint line this morning. I have 1 spare and need you girls to talk some sense in to me.... There really is no point testing again tomorrow is there? Is AF date best? I think Huni on YAYW, you said hold off until then?

Help keep me sane please!!!!! xxx


  • hiya beckywoo, im *happybride2b* on YAYW, lol replyed there too, im always flitting between the two lol, yeah i would say test again on sat, by all means test 2moro if u want with FMU, but u will prob just get a faint line again? the longer u leave it the stronger it should be? so depends on u really hun, i would say try and wait if u can tho image xxxx (easier sad than done) lol xxxx
  • Oh Hi *me*/happybride2b! I never know where to post now ha ha. I know I should hold out, I'll try.... Just so scared of it being a Chem PG!! xx
  • yeah me too! lol yeah i no what u mean, i would be too tbh, i never even knew they existed til i came on here, but ur due in 2 days so im thinking its a bit late now for a chem? hope so anyways image i bet when i get my BFP (hopefully soon) i will worry about that too, even if its after AF was due??? good luck! let us no what happens when u test! xxx
  • Thanks *me", I'll keep you posted xx
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