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CD 3 anyone fancy joining me?

Fancy some company x


  • Hey i'm CD2, so nearly same image
  • Cd 4 for me. Happy to join you!:\) When are you both due to ov? (ha ha there's an introduction - only on here!!!)
  • hehe
    I'm due to ovulate 4th April. How bout you?
    How long you been trying for etc... I had a miscarriage about a month ago - had been trying the last couple weeks, using cb ovulation tests but wasn't lucky, so onto this month image
  • I'm just off pill so not sure when I'm due to ov. Anyway I'm counting today as my unofficial CD3. So I'll join you all too. I'm hoping my cycles get back to normal sooner rather than later. Babydust to all xx
  • are you going to use ov sticks to see when you ov or just going for?
  • I too had a mmc in January, so last month was my first month trying 'again', this will be my first baby although I'm 37 and didn't actually think that oh and I could have children. So rather taken back by the whole situation!

    I am due to ov around the 31st; using opk's, amazon cheapies, which worked fine last month. Will also be using pre-seed and smep this month too. Oh and I'm also going to start temping, may as well try it all as my time is running out!image
  • hi ladies nice to here from you all im not sure on ovulation as just had implant out 3 weeks ago and got an AF 2 days after having it out and just got another on sat, body up and down at the mo any suggestions as to wen i mite ov x
  • Mrs Owen, I'm not using ovulation sticks yet, going to bd like mad for a few months, and if nothing then start using ov sticks. I'm not sure how to use them anyway!! Saying that I am quite obsessed and broody just now so maybe I'll give in and use the sticks sooner than planned. Who else is using ov sticks??

  • I used ov sticks after my miscarriage just to have an idea of when I was ov. I doubt i'll use them this month cos it made me really obsessive and worried last month (what if we miss ov etc..) whereas when I got preg (before mc) we had a rough idea of when i might ov - from the online calculator things but it was really rough cos i'd just come off the pill - and BD loads and got preg. So this month i'm just going to BD every other night and whenever hubby fancies it too :P

  • bella - Sorry I can't help you image I usually, on a normal 28/29 day cycle, ovulate about day 12/13/14 ish but I don't know about after implant... i'd say once this af is over, just BD every other day or so and then if you haven't had af by the time we all test, maybe test???? sorry can't be of anymore use image
  • My poor hubby will wonder whats happened to me if I'm grabbing him to bd all the time (I'm usually a rather sedate 3 times a week kinda girl)

    Sorry to hear about your miscarriage MrsOwen xx
  • yer ladies we will all hopefully test together fingers crossed for us all its so exciting x
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