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Buddy CD9 please

HI everyone

I am trying for my second baby and this will be my first month trying, would love to have a buddy to go thought the wait and joy of finding out we are BFP image
Sorry if i sound thick is the CD the date i should AF forgot lol.

Thanks H

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  • Hi there. I have a thread a little down the page with a few people on it.
    Im ttc number 3 and this is our first month too.
    What age is your 1st?
  • hi there, my little one it 17 month, so trying now as dont want to have a big age between them, feel very funny doing it all again, but i can not wait, you been trying long.
    I am not sure if i have worked my CD date out, as forgot, is it the date AF should be on, or the days from you AF love.

    Thanks H
  • It is the days from the first day of your af.
    This is our first month ttc. I have a 10year old boy and a 10month old girl. I dont want another big gap either so decided to try not just incase it takes a while.
    Im sure it will all come back to you soon. Do you use opk? I dont as usually ov on CD15 but if we dont get BFP soon I may start.
  • I used ov sticks last time i was trying and did not find them to work very good, so was checking my CM which seamed to tell me better than the ov sticks, i am hoping to get pregnant quick as it took me 8 months with my first, but i was on the pill 12 years, so was told that was not bad as told would take me longer. I am trying from now as if it takes me that long again, the age would be big between them.
    I hope you get the BFP this time love.

  • hiya I'm CD7 on a 31 day cycle but would loveto be buddies! Am ttc baby no3 it also took me 11 months to fall for no 2 after 12 year on pill am hoping this one happens quicker although am on month 4 already

    Baby dust xx
  • Hi Jenn

    would love to be you buddy, how long it take you after you first to get pregnant love with you 2nd, i am so hoping it does not take 8 months again, i went back on the pill after i had my first, and i have been back on for about 14 months, so i hope it comes out my system quick. can not wait to have no 2 on the way image

  • Hey're all more than welcome to join us on my thread, know we're a little ahead, but the more the merrier image

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