Wishful thinking lol

Well ladies I'm gonna post this on here (even though it's nothing). DH would just think I'm being silly. lol.

I'm only 3dpo and feel like when I move in certain ways there is a tightness in my left side - right at my pelvic bone...when I cough I feel it too.

It's far too early to be implanation but just wanted to be able to say this somewhere and I'm sure you ladies all know what I'm talking about.

Lol xxxx


  • lol, dam symptom spotting, i do it too, i get so annoyed with myself and OH thinks im being silly too, so i just dont mention it to him lol.

    whispers *u never know tho*

  • Well that's why I'm not saying anything to dh but I knew most people on here would be the same at some point.

    You're right though - you never know....I hate all this waiting!
  • its poo aint it! image
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