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Flexible working meeting


I had my flexible working meeting it was AWFUL i am a senior mgr in a retail company in HR I currently work a 46 hr week weekends earlys and lates I have asked to to drop to 4 days with set days including weekends and they told me that they don't think its poss to do my job in 4 days!!!!! We do have a few others doing it on 3-4 days but with more experience than me..... I have to wait 2 weeks for the outcome. Legaly i don't think they have a good enough reason to turn me down but i'm sure they'll try.

Think I need a change in career.

Boo hoo


  • Hi Annette!
    How rubbish!
    I feel so sorry for you. I really hope they come back to you and agree to your flexible working proposal! If they come back and refuse, be prepared to take it further! They have to provide a damn good reason if they turn you down. Could you suggest a job share maybe? Or draw up some kind of plan to show them how you will make it work!
    This is all you need isn't it! The prospect of going back to work is bad enough without crap like this to be worrying about!
    Try and keep you chin up hun. Let us know what the outcome is!
  • aww annette thats not good!
    I know how stressful a flexible working meeting can be, I had mine a few weeks back, I am now back to work!
    Maybe you could suggest they allow you to have a months trial on the hours you want so you can can show you can do it? Like Sapphire says they need a blooming good reason to refuse!

    Howver I do think after having a baby is a greta time to think about a new career, or doing training! Its given my the kick up the bum I needed lol.

    Chin up hun......
    Keep us informed
  • Hi

    Did you get your request granted sweetassugar?

    I have suggested job share and they say we cannot afford that as a company at the minute its just a load of excuses I def appeal if it don't get what I want. I have been thinking about looking into a teaching ass job but don't really know where to start???? any ideas
  • I did get my request granted annette but I went in asking for the earth, but had other options in my head that I would compromise on so they thought they'd be making me deal with them. Hope that makes sense.
    They were not happy as I was asking to work on a 2 week rota, 25 hrs one week and 15 the next. But I got it in the end! I was asked to do a two week trial of what they originally wanted which was 20 hrs per week, then after I said I wasnt happy with it, and I threatened to cut my hours to 15 which they werent happy with so allowed me my request!

    Hope you get what your asking for!
  • Hey hun, sorry to hear you had a rough time, I hope that it works itself out. My bosses have rejected all my requests too but haven't followed the correct procedure so I am taking it further. it's a bit up in the air at the mo, but I have been looking for another job and do have something in the pipeline so am fairly sure I won't be going back to my orginal job.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

  • Thanks guys, I don't think what i'm asking for is unrealistic obviously they do so we'll see what they come back with. Slippers still take it further even if you leave hope you get the other job xx
  • Ah annette I'm so sorry they're dragging their heels with this but they do have to make reasonable adjustments . You've probably already got the info but this may help image

    I've been lucky so far and have been allowed to drop hours from an HR point of view but haven't spoken to my head of department. We're all facing redundancy this week so it's probably not the best time to discuss my hours but I'm officially back w/c 5th Apr (if I have a job) so will have to do something soon! Ouch! I mentioned it a couple of months ago and she wasn't happy but hey ho.

    Slippers, I'm sure in your line of work, you will get them sorted soon honey. Will you not need to go back or pay back maternity leave?

    K x
  • Hey Kirsty hun, no they only paid me stat mat pay after 10 years service, so I owe them nothing! It's been a mess since a resigned my directorship when i went on mat leave. They simply don't want me to go back, but they need to go about things properly. Instead, at the mo they've just been trying to make it difficult and unpleasant for me to go back, so not a very wise move on their part! x

    Fingers crossed for you and the redundancy situation hun, not nice to have things so uncertain, i hope it sorts itself out soon.

  • That's awful. No advice I'm afraid but I hope you get things sorted. It's hard enough returning to work anyway without all that [email protected] x
  • Oh its just awful isn't it - If I win the lottery I'll pay for us all to stay off with our gorgeous little babies!! he he!!

    Slippers - talk about a nightmare!! Fingers crossed it works out for you.
    I'm going back 2 1/2 days, but I wanted 3 days as I'll end up working the full day on the half day as in my job you never leave on time!! They said it would be harder to fill 2 days of my post rather than a proper part time so I've gone with that - though still arguing with my boss over which days!! They too didn't follow procedure and never came back to me within timescale etc. I'm moving to a new job though after 3 months so I can cope.

    Good Luck with it all ladies - hope we all get what we want and its not too awful going back to work!!
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