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What Is This???

Its 4 weeks 2day since my ERPC. Stil no sign of AF!! Been getting alot of CM though very white and quite sticky (sorry for tmi!!) also bit of backache and stomach pains so its either AF coming or something else. i took a test at the doctors on tuesday and came back negative so it cant be a BFP! also havnt got sore boobs which is the main reason i new i was pregnant. Anyone else with lots of CM and backpains????
claire xxx


  • Hi Yummymummy my body has been messing me around since my ERPC on 13th Feb but finally I stopped spotting blood about a week ago and getting quite thick CM and now I think that AF is arriving as I have got heavy bleeding today. I really hope it is because then I know I am back to normal again. I think having CM is a good sign that your body is doing what it should and maybe like me it means AF is just round the corner. I have never been so pleased to get AF before!! Mind you i have had a false alarm before when I thought AF had arrived and it wasnt so I will have to wait and see. I think it just takes time for our bodys to settle down. It will be 6 weeks since my op tomorrow

    Take care, hope things with your OH are going okay


  • Hey thanks for the reply image yeah hopefuly itl be my 1st AF!!! just want to get back to normal now! going to go out and buy CBFM at wekend image me and OH are back on track... hes decided he does want to try again he just needed a week or two to realise image very happy! hope u get your AF!! image X
  • Im so pleased to hear you've sorted out things with your OH. My AF is in full flow now, I am sooo pleased.

    Take care

  • woohoo! image least u can TTC for sure now image x
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