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I have the best hubby in the world

Well it's been 3 days since i had my mc and i braved it to Bristol to do some retail therapy.

It was quite hard, felt like everyone there just knew - which is stupid as i didn't know anyone. I couldn't help noticing every single pregnant lady or mother and baby.

But my gorgeous husband bought me a lovely new top and some sexy underwear, think he sensed that i was finding it tough.

I love him so much



  • Hi Lampi, that's exactly how I felt after my miscarriage in August. I'd never noticed how many mums and babies there seem to be in my local town. But you did the right thing to venture out into the real world, the longer you leave it, I think the harder it gets. And that was very lovely of your hubby! You need to really pamper yourself for the next few weeks.
    Glad you're feeling well enough to venture out, and hope you enjoy the sexy underwear - it'll help with the ttcimage
  • Hi, sorry to hear about your mc, glad you managed to get out and have some retail therapy. I know what you mean, since my mmc (had ERPC just over a week ago), I keep seeing pregnant women everywhere, either on TV or outside in the real world!!

    Good luck with TTC and hope you get your BFP soon. Lots of babydust. Zxx
  • Im sorry to hear about your mc image
    Aww im glad you had a nice time and he treated you! xx
  • Thank you girls.

    I'm glad to hear that i'm not the only one that has felt like this when venturing out.

    I'm going in to work tonight for the first time as i really can't afford not to as we're paid on an hourly rota'd basis. I'll see how i go. I'm sure they'll understand if i can't cope and end up coming home again.
  • Glad to hear he is being a gem Lampie.

    Thank goodness for the wonderful OH/hubs that support us so well image

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